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Shows: BB Swan Ventures from the Flock, Commando Punk Delves into Noise


(Flyer via Aviv)

You know how leftovers are sometimes better than the meal was in its original form? That’s also true for CMJ apparently. It seems like some seriously great bands and musicians are lingering around town, taking breaks from their major projects and toying with new ones, old friends, and completely different sounds altogether. You too can dabble in all three this week (and beyond). See what we’ve got for you below.

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Music: Pop. 1280, Pawns, Wrung, Informant


We imagine this show will evoke a feeling not unlike swallowing a bucket of ice cubes. Front and center are Pawns, post-punk purveyors of snow-cone-like frigidity, celebrating their new 7″ record, Eternal Return, dropping from where else but Sacred Bones. The new mini-record– which is already sold out online, but we’re guessing will be available at the show– finds Pawns once again looking deep into the darkest nether-reaches of the early ’80s, channeling Ian Curtis’s Arctic-bound baritone and the Fall’s pummeling drums and hellish guitars.

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Shows: Flashback to the ’90s and Tropicália Nostalgia


Welcome back to reality. Now that summer’s officially over (the days seem shorter already, don’t they?) you’re going to need a serious hangover remedy for those months of self-abuse. If that sounds painful, it doesn’t have to be. Good shows will help get you back on your feet and distract you from the literal spiral into darkness happening right before our eyes. This week, see what a Kiwi guitar-pop legend is up to these days and don’t miss a certain Tropicália squad’s reunion.

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