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And Lucky’s Dreamy New Video Takes You Underwater

While it’s not exactly a trip to the beach, the premiere music video from Brooklyn-based indie dream pop band And Lucky serves up a quaint DIY aquatic scene filled with painted fish, cardboard waves, and raining clouds made from those glittery foil fringe curtains you can get at party stores. And, to be clear, I love those curtain things. Keep Reading »

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Music Vid Premiere: ‘Forever For Sure’ from Brooklyn Indie Pop Duo Laura & Greg

See boy-girl indie pop due from Brooklyn. Yes, you may be thinking, yes, I’ve been here before. But Laura & Greg, despite what might seem like a dry-as-bones band name, make some really fresh tunes. And their new album, Forever For Sure has arrived just in time for the sweltering summer, a time when sweet, minimal jangles that float light as a feather are not only in order, but a necessary respite from the darkness we’ve been treating our ears to the rest of the year. Sweet as they may be, the pair definitely, thankfully doesn’t qualify as twee. Rather, they’ve got serious style, thanks to Greg’s visual art background, and it’s as apparent as ever in their new music video for the album’s title track which, don’t forget, you’re seeing here first.

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