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Think Steve Croman Is a Bad Landlord? Wait’ll You See Klaus Kinski in Crawlspace

Today elected officials put out a joint statement complaining of the “pattern of tenant harassment” that has caused landlord Steve Croman to be investigated by the State District Attorney. But if you think Croman is a lousy landlord, wait’ll you Crawlspace, one of a dozen Klaus Kinski films that Anthology Film Archives is screening in the next week.
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Yippie Building Becoming a Boxing Gym As Court Fight Goes Another Round

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

9 Bleecker. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

A location of Crunch just opened at 2 Cooper Square, and now this: a boxing gym is set to replace the Yippie! Museum at 9 Bleecker Street, a building that long housed outspoken lefties like pot activist Dana Beal.

A lawyer involved in ongoing litigation over the building confirmed that it’s a done deal.

“The court appointed receiver performed his duty and signed a long-term lease with a tenant that will be running a boxing gym out of the premises,” said attorney Steven L. Einig, who represents the building’s lender Centech LLC, which last year sued the building’s owners, Yippie Holdings and the National AIDS Brigade. “I understand that the tenant is a local resident and now the rent is going to paid, the building, which was quite run down, will be cleaned up and no longer vacant.”
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Watch This Trippy Reimagination of the Domino Site Before You See Kara Walker’s

Tomorrow, Kara Walker’s monumental installation in the Domino Sugar Factory, “A Subtlety” (or “The Marvelous Sugar Baby”) will be unveiled to the general public at the Domino Sugar Factory (sorry, you missed Creative Time’s preview dinner with folks like Chuck Close and Jenna Lyons of J. Crew, who played Hannah’s boss at GQ in Girls).
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Clayton Patterson Had a Farewell Show: Is It Really Goodbye For the LES Legend?

Word that Clayton Patterson was leaving the Lower East Side for Austria really rattled those who considered him the neighborhood’s “last bohemian,” as the Times headline dubbed him. Could the man who documented the Tompkins Square Park riots and the underground scenes of the ’80s and ’90s East Village, founded a gallery of “outlaw art,” and edited epic histories of LES radicalism, filmmaking and Jewish culture really be leaving the hood whose denizens he’s photographed religiously? We, for one, had to find out.
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