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Jorge Elbrecht of Lansing-Dreiden and Violens On His 7″ With Ariel Pink, Out Today

Self-portrait of Elbrecht as a child (from the new 7").

Self-portrait of Elbrecht as a child (from the new 7″).

Jorge Elbrecht’s introduction to the music industry came in the early 2000s with the success of his band/art collective, Lansing-Dreiden, which reissued its entire catalog this past spring. During its heyday, the group received two favorable “Art in Review” write-ups in The Times.

Following Lansing-Dreiden, Elbrecht went on to form Violens and earlier this year joined Ariel Pink’s band as their new guitarist. The Costa Rica-born artist has also become an in-demand producer, most notably making the new Au Revoir Simone record, whose single “Somebody Who” was released in June.
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Free Soul Cycling in Williamsburg, Spanish Poet Reborn in Bushwick

Woman, umbrella, July 4

(Photo: Timothy Krause)

Soul Cycle NYC has launched Williamsburg Local Rides, in which neighborhood residents can take a class for free every Wednesday this summer. [Bedford + Bowery]

The New York Times is “confounded” by a new mural of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca on Stockholm Street in Bushwick. It’s part of the New York Public Library’s “Back Tomorrow” exhibit, closing July 21. [NYT] Keep Reading »

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Hanksy Gets Patriotic; Brookland! Is America’s Hippest Theme Park

20071003_Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn 2 copy

(Photo: Jackie Weisberg)

Williamsburg music venue Public Assembly has been undergoing on-site renovations for over a month, but now it looks like the front room may not ever reopen for shows. [BrooklynVegan]

Hanksy, our most lovable graffiti-slash-“street-fartist,” made the Lower East Side a bit more patriotic last night by hanging a series of posters depicting the heads of famous bald celebrities (Patrick Stewart, Walter White, Britney Spears) on the bodies of bald eagles. [Bowery Boogie] Keep Reading »

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Here’s What Should Be in Your 4th of July Growler, According to a King of Beers

The Sampler's taps. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

The Sampler’s taps. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

Okay, fine, so you’ve chosen to ignore our 4th of July guide and you’re just going to head over to your friend’s BBQ to watch the fireworks on the roof. At least do us the favor of not drinking your friend’s crappy beer. Grab a growler and fill it up with one of Joshua M. Bernstein’s preferred pours. This guy knows a thing or two or three about beer: he’s the author of Brewed Awakening and the forthcoming The Complete Beer Course, and editor-in-chief of the Craft Beer New York app. Here’s what he recommends ordering at some favorite spots in his home borough of Brooklyn.

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Rockaway Rundown: Bluth-Style Frozen Bananas Coming to 97th Street (+ More)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP's Instagram)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP’s Instagram)

Earlier this week we noted that Caracas had reopened in Rockaway with a new sidekick at its Beach 106th Street concession stand.

Now a Parks Department spokesperson confirms that Rockaway Taco won’t be doing flautas at the 97th Street stand this year. But these places will be back by tomorrow (in fact, they’re opening today, according to this tweet from Motorboat and the Big Banana).
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Here’s What’s Popping Off This Fourth of July Weekend

MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2013: Dance floor

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

The Macy’s fireworks may have permanently decamped to the Hudson, and the city’s slowly bleeding out to the Hamptons, so it might seem that Bedford + Bowery’s neighborhoods have nothing to offer for Independence Day weekend. Au contraire! Herewith, a round-up of events and on-goings to keep you celebrating our great nation through the weekend.
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Yelp Helps You Avoid (Or Track) Hipsters, Tørst Gets a Tasting Restaurant


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

From the looks of a photo that Scott Lynch added to B+B’s Flickr pool, the 7-Eleven on Bowery is now rocking the machine that keeps spare keys for you. This changes everything.

Yelp put together a “heat map” that shows how frequently certain words are mentioned in Yelp reviews. And guess what? There’s lots of mentions for the word “hipster” in the East Village and Williamsburg. We’re as shocked as you are. (Gothamist)
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Ex-Doormen Talk ’90s Nightlife; A Tom Peeps in Greenpoint

MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2013: Original Dub

Scott Lynch

The PS1 Warm Up kicked off for the season in Long Island City this past weekend. You can see more of Scott Lynch’s photos in Bedford + Bowery’s Flickr pool. Meanwhile PS1’s VW Dome closed in Rockaway with a disco party. See B + B’s Instagram for that.

Former doormen Angelo Fabara (who it so happens was at the Dome party with us) and Thomas Onarato recall the glory days of downtown nightlife. “Everyone was in his/her persona, day or night,” says Fabara. “They didn’t go home and change into their nightclubbing outfit. These people were in it, all night long. In the East Village, they really were. You really saw a shift right at like ’98.” [Red Bull Music Academy] Keep Reading »


Rockaway Gets Three New Outdoor Spots for Sun, Suds, Music and Movies

Heading to Rockaway Beach this 4th of July? Or whenever? Check out the latest outdoor drinking spots, starting with a B + B exclusive.

Rockaway Beach Surf Club
Last year the Rockaway Beach Surf Club was a scrappy hybrid: a surfboard storage joint, a workspace for local artisans, an occasional party (and mud wrestling) spot, and in the wake of Sandy, a relief hub. But in the next days, Long Beach native Brandon D’Leo and his partner and neighbor, firefighter Brady Walsh, expect to score a liquor license that will allow them to turn their concrete patio into a proper beer garden.
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Upcoming Shows: Go to Dirty Beaches, Enjoy Some Clams Casino

Rest assured, Todd Patrick is doing more than just firing off e-mails this evening. As an aperitif to the imminent re-opening of the Market Hotel, he has organized a complete retrospective of Showpaper, the bi-weekly publication he founded in 2007 that immediately became the go-to source for every DIY all-ages show in New York City and the tri-state area. More than 160 issues will adorn the walls at the renovated Market Hotel, and most of them will be available to take home. The party is slated to end at 9 p.m. tonight, so get thee over to Market Hotel ASAP.

If you miss it, sorry for the late notice — but don’t worry: there’s a solid slate of shows in our nabes over the next week. For more complete listings, see the B+B calendar, or check out some highlights below.
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