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Greenpoint Gets a New Gallery For ‘Old Timers’ and New Blood Alike

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

Kim Brown, owner of Greenpoint Hill (Photo: Nicole Disser)

For the most part, Greenpoint artists fly under the radar, and they seem to prefer it that way. Walking along Franklin Avenue last night, a street I walk every day, I caught a glimpse of a painters studio I’d never seen before. It was bathed in red light, hidden inside an industrial building.

“Definitely my whole approach toward the art world is a little quieter,” explained Kim Brown, the owner of Greenpoint Hill, a brand new gallery/retail shop that just opened near the waterfront last week.

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What the Artists Wore to Greenpoint Gallery Night

At Greenpoint Gallery Night on Friday, the eye candy wasn’t just on the walls. We did some gallery hopping and asked some artists what they were wearing.


(Photos: Rick Perez)

Jason Rohlf, Dusk Editions
I’m wearing a Stormy Kromer hat purchased from In God We Trust, in the neighborhood, but local to Michigan. The sweater is a Norwegian fishing sweater that was my father’s. I’ve been wearing it for a long, long time. The scarf is Hickory’s, made by Hillside. I like to support the local shops.
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Oh Hey, It’s Greenpoint Gallery Night Tonight

Rodseth-MenTwelve of Greenpoint’s best art spaces will open their doors to show off their latest projects and exhibitions tonight. Scott Chasse (Calico Brooklyn) and Lia Post (Fowler Arts Collective) created Greenpoint Gallery Night two years ago in “an effort to connect the spaces here with each other, as well as to bring more attention to the neighborhood gallery scene,” according to Chasse.

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What the Artists and Gallerists Wore to Greenpoint Gallery Night

Introducing Tribes, in which we ask a select group of New Yorkers what they’re wearing. This week: gallerists and artists from Friday’s Greenpoint Gallery Night.

(All photos: Konstantin Sergayev)

(All photos: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Artist, Dose Project Space

The jacket is Sasson, from the ’80s. I got it at Salvation Army on Manhattan Avenue. I get almost all my clothes there. I got my boots there as well. And the tank top is American Apparel. I found it just stuffed under a bench in a bar The Drink. I think somebody stole it from the store, cause it has a hole where the anti-theft magnet apparently was. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it and I wear it all the time.
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