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Going to the Gym Feel Like Prison? That’s Actually the Idea at ConBody Bootcamp

Coss Marte ( Photo by Kavitha Surana)

Coss Marte ( Photo by Kavitha Surana)

Enter the basement of 294 Broome Street and you’re faced with a row of lockers and “mug shots” under bright lights. Jail cell bars open into a sparse studio with a graffiti mural of two figures escaping through a barbed wire fence. It almost feels like the police are about to take you in for questioning. Instead, this is where ConBody trainees “do the time” with prison-style bootcamp workouts.

The decorations are more than a gimmick. It was in solitary confinement that Coss Marte first dreamed up ConBody. He saw it as a chance to transition from busted drug dealer to a legitimate entrepreneur, helping provide jobs to other former inmates in the process.

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Sweat Winter Away With 6 Workouts That Aren’t Exactly Routine

Class at Exile Professional Gym (Photo: Kristen O'Regan)

Class at Exile Professional Gym (Photo: Kristen O’Regan)

Just about the only thing this long winter was good for was helping us catch up on our favorite TV shows while developing a healthy donut addiction. But now that spring is in the air, the day will soon come where we can put away the Canada Goose and get off the couch. Rather than joining the legions at the chain gyms that are spreading across the city like the plague, here are six fun, physical ways to enjoy the city, get back in shape, and celebrate our newfound freedom from winter’s icy claws.

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