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New Yorkers Are Dressing Down the Camel Coat, But Don’t Take It Too Far

(Photo via KyraKiss)

There are few clothing items all humans of different shapes and sizes can wear and look good in. Not among them are: skin-tight dresses (I’d like a personal apology from whomever created this idea, because my feelings have been hurt far too many times), neon anything, and gaucho pants. Among them are: jeans, Converse, black leather jackets and the ever-so-perfect camel coat.

The classic camel coat look is back in full force this flu season, but fashionistas are noticing something new happening.

Jennifer Yedid, a senior women’s stylist at Harrison Style said a classic look is being “completely reimagined,” with New Yorkers adding their own edgy spin to it, like dressing the affluent coat down with denim or dressing it even more down by getting it oversized and walking around the city with what’s basically a blanket around their body.

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I Joined the Cult of Luxury Watches and This Is Where I Wound Up

(Photo courtesy of WatchTime)

This summer, my father passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, from a brain aneurysm. Almost immediately thereafter, I began collecting watches.

There’s a school of thought which holds that forty-something men who purchase luxury items aren’t necessarily going through a “midlife crisis”—buying youthful accessories in an attempt to not seem old—but are instead buying things they’ve alwayswanted, yet are only now, in middle age, able to afford. I wanted a powerful muscle car when I was 16, for example, but was 39 before I could responsibly get one.  A similar arc has followed in my life for indulgences like traveling regularly and eating at four-star restaurants on days that aren’t my birthday.

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This 23-Year-Old Had Trouble Finding Suits, So She Launched a Bespoke Tailoring Startup For Modern Women

Kevwe Mowarin (Photo: Erik Solorzano)

At 19, Kevwe Mowarin started working at Credit Suisse, expecting to build a career in investment banking. Instead, she noticed that all of the women around her were confined to ill-fitting suits in plain colors, devoid of personality or creativity. Most of the women around her, she said, dressed bland.

“It was amazing to me that my peers, the men, had custom fitting options galore. But for the women, it was very hard for us to find suits that fit properly, and suits that weren’t so old-fashioned and conformed to our modern standards,” Mowarin said.

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Bedford Ave Pulse Check: W’burg Strip Gets a Chase, Sephora, and Another Poké Spot

If you were thinking of going Halloween shopping at the Salvation Army store on the corner of Bedford and North 7th, sorry, it was demolished in 2013 and its prime plot at 180 Bedford was sold to Thor Equities for $36.1 million in 2015. Since then, speculation has run rampant about what would replace the thrift shop (an Apple Store? a grief center for the neighborhood’s remaining hipsters?), and now we have the answer. Surprise! It’s a very, very swank Chase branch.

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Not All Customers Are Giving Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Store a 4-Star Review

(Photos: Erica Commisso)

The only way to describe Amazon’s 4-Star brick-and-mortar store is to say that it’s like stepping into the website, sort of empty and utilitarian, packed with things you didn’t know you wanted and probably don’t need. Except that bright yellow signs remind you that you do, in fact, need that mint green KitchenAid mixer or that Harry Potter Clue game.

Just like on the website, because you bought that Harry Potter game there’s an entirely irrelevant celebrity item beside it (like Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook), and beside that, a TV where you can watch Chrissy do whatever she does and binge-watch the entire Harry Potter series in 24 hours. Amazon really has captured the niche atmosphere of Walmart meets Paper Source meets Giant Tiger meets Barnes & Noble’s sale section right before closing.

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The New, More ‘Inclusive’ American Apparel: Different DNA, But Same Jeans?

When American Apparel relaunched earlier this year, it seemed like the embattled brand was taking a step in the right direction after its sale to Canadian retailer Gildan in 2016. Last month, its “NUDES” line was pitched as “a celebration of diversity and inclusivity”; ads featured women of various shapes, sizes, skin colors and backgrounds. Models for the Spring “Back to Basics” line, which showcased simple silhouettes and gender neutral designs, were selected via American Apparel’s social media channels to symbolize diversity. But the relaunched brand’s Fall line shows it might be back to business as usual.

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People Are Psyched About a Sephora Store On Bedford? It Doesn’t Make Scents!

Yesterday we reported that national retailer Toms is opening a store and cafe off of Bedford Avenue. Turns out that an even chainier chain is opening up right around the corner. Sephora has made it official and unveiled signage indicating it’ll open a store at 241 Bedford, right next to the Apple Store, this fall.

Needless to say, they won’t be opening a tacky megastore like you’d find in Times Square. Much like Starbucks snuck onto N 7th and Bedford with its “Reserve” concept, Sephora will open a Sephora Studio, a smaller store offering “a more curated experience.”

In 2013, when Dunkin’ Donuts opened on Bedford, it registered a 6.3 on our Outrage-o-Meter. But here we are in 2018– when a Happy Socks outlet is also poised to open next to the Dr Martins on Bedford— and nobody has lamented that CB I Hate Perfume, the experimental Williamsburg perfumer that made a scent inspired by Alan Cumming, has moved to New Jersey while Sephora is making itself right at home in prime W’burg. All the opposite:

Actually, as you can see below, residents have been downright lobbying for a Sephora since as far back as 2011. Does nobody miss the time when beer burps from the Charleston was the only scent wafting onto Bedford Avenue?

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Cutting-Edge Cacti, Once More in the Lower East Side

(Photo: Kate Glicksberg)

It’s been said that adding plants to your living space is a great way to improve both the appearance of a room and your own personal well-being. But what if you’re really bad at keeping plants alive? Well, in that case, maybe a cactus will be good. They don’t need to be watered very much. Plus, if you happen to be passing through the Lower East Side, you can browse a variety of Southern California cacti, now that The Cactus Store pop-up has returned to spend another summer near Seward Park. Keep Reading »