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Easy Rider Panel Discussion


Unless you’re a cinema scholar or super fan of Easy Rider, the classic 1969 film starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda as outlaw hippies riding choppers across the SoCal landscape, you might have no idea there’s something of a scandal beyond the sets of all those chill-as-hell biker scenes. According to some accounts, black civil rights activist Cliff “Soney” Vaughs contributed to developing the film and helped build those famous choppers. But even in light of Soney’s claims, some people involved in the making of the film are still reluctant to acknowledge the possibility of a whitewashing. A panel discussion (part of the 3rd annual Motorcycle Film Festival) featuring Soney, the associate producer, and sound engineer Larry Marcus, will provide a forum for the “lost film crew” to tell their side of the story.

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Motorcycle Film Festival Is Not Just For ‘Gnarly, Bearded Harley Guys’

Jack Drury (Photo:

Jack Drury (Photo via Motorcycle Film Festival)

The annual Motorcycle Film Festival, if you’ve ever imagined there could be such a thing, might defy most of or even all of the expectations you have in your head. Firstly, it’s not held at some Harley Davidson dealership outside of Hoboken. So far, the fest has had a home in Greenpoint and Williamsburg and this year, the fest’s third year, it’ll be happening in Gowanus (mostly) at Littlefield. Secondly, it was founded by a woman, Corinna Mantlo and a guy, Jack Drury. But guess which one of them has been riding motorcycles longer? Here’s a hint: she runs a badass all-female motorcycle club called the Miss-Fires. And finally, this fest is about so much more than just motorcycle films.

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