Dissociative Visions

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Dissociative Visions Music Fest

I can’t say for sure how your ears will fair this “congregation of perpetual torment” happening at Saint Vitus, but I can tell you that however many years of hearing you’re willing to sacrifice for what’s guaranteed to be an onslaught of black metal will probably be worth it. Only if you’re into that sort of thing, of course. If you grip a Friday pass, you’ll be treated to Sortilegia. The Canadian black metal band has particularly blood-curdling vocal stylings. Sure, there’s the requisite black metal moan-scream, but they’ve pinned down an infinitely cold beyond-the-grave-like echo, a very slight deviation but a deviation nonetheless in a genre that’s strictly adherent to its trappings. If Saturday’s more your speed, don’t miss Predatory Light‘s set. These New Mexican desert-dwellers invoke equal parts screetchy and melodic dirges. They’re one of those metal bands that make a great case for the existence of commonalities between black metal (and really most genres of metal) and classical music.

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Shows: Take a Big Bite of Kraut, Then Cool Off With Icey Cold Wave

11698843_873616136061911_3848402837853723010_oGigawatts Fest is happening this weekend, which is great and all — I need my pop fix as much as the next guy. But sometimes I want to be surrounded by sounds that whinge, “I’mmmmmmm differentttttt.” If that’s you, too, get thee to these smaller shows where you’ll find acts that don’t exactly qualify as festival material, if you catch my drift.

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