Dario Argento

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Watch Argento’s Suspiria in a New Venue Decked Out Like the Ballet Academy From Hell

With not one but two horror film festivals coming up, you’re going to have to make some serious viewing decisions. Make sure to factor this in: Dobbin St, a new event space in Greenpoint, is launching its public programming with a screening of Dario Argento’s Suspiria, and they’re going all-out to replicate the creeptastic vibe of the 1977 classic, right down to live music inspired by the spine-tingling soundtrack.

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This Week in Film: Italian Knifings, Yakuza Blood Baths, And Providence Noise

Fancy seeing you here, reader. This week, we have one eye to the distant cinematic past and another to the more recent. In light of SXSW happening in, like, five minutes we can’t really compete with all the newness that’ll be coming out of Austin (yes, it’s also a film fest, guys). And if you’re stuck in humble New York City, then take this time not to be jelly of everyone down there having fun in the sun, but to brush up on some (lesser known) classics and maybe what you’ve missed in the past several years.

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