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After Shutdown, Brooklyn Venue The Gateway Turns to Crowdfunding to Reopen

From left: Nelson Antonio Espinal, Rob Granata, Ned Shatzer (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Bushwick/Bed-Stuy venue The Gateway was forced to close on May 23 and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to reopen, according to an email from the space’s owner Ned Shatzer. Keep Reading »

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Another One Could Bite The Dust: IDIO Gallery Turns To Crowdfunding To Survive

screenshot of Montana Simone's GoFundMe page for Idio Gallery.

Screenshot of Montana Simone’s GoFundMe page for Idio Gallery.

There’s been many a Bushwick disappearance lately. Punk venue The Acheron recently said their goodbyes, acclaimed restaurant Northeast Kingdom put away their plates for good, and Palisades is closed until at least August. In nearby Williamsburg, the Experiment Comedy Gallery, DIY space for funnies, just had to relocate to a new spot that’s quite literally underground.

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Help Fund This Drag Documentary Where the Filmmaker Starts Wigging Out

When I meet Adam Golub, under the elevated tracks of the M train on one of the hottest days of the summer, he’s wearing a sleeveless top, shorts, sandals (the Teva-esque type that all Israelis seem to own) and slightly chipped metallic blue nail polish.

Golub chuckles wryly about the electrifying effect the varnish often has on those around him. Who knows how these delicate passersby might react to his drag identity, Shalmuta (“slut” in Hebrew)—a Bayiou-born Southern belle with a hankering for fried chicken and a love of suspenders and tartan.

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