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These Guys Have Camped Out All Week For a Williamsburg Art Show

Joe Wong, Paul Af, Dan Hamburger.

Joe Wong, Paul Aftanas, Dan Hamburger.

At 2:30am this past Tuesday, having just flown in from San Diego, Dan Hamburger pulled up to Cotton Candy Machine’s rain-soaked curb. With the Williamsburg gallery’s annual Tiny Trifecta art show just four short days away, Hamburger was taking no chances. Keep Reading »

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A Studio Visit With Tara McPherson, ‘Queen of Cotton Candy Wet Dreams’


One recent morning in Tara McPherson’s Bed-Stuy studio, the artist’s easel was loaded with sketches of two nearly identical girls connected by a sparkling rainbow springing from inside their heads. The drawing was also on her iMac, where she had been working on a color mockup in Photoshop. A finished 12 x 12 painting, she explained, was due the following Monday for “Dreamlands,” a group show now open at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.

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Those Stolen Snoop and Mandela Paintings Have Been Found and Returned

(Photo: Cotton Candy Machine's Facebook)

(Photo: Cotton Candy Machine’s Facebook)

The missing portraits of Nelson Mandela and Snoop Lion are back on the premises of the Cotton Candy Machine, the Williamsburg gallery where they were from stolen six weeks ago.

“This is the best news I could get on a Monday morning. I’m super stoked. Especially the Mandela painting,” said artist Amar Stewart on the phone from the Cotton Candy Machine, about to toast to their safe return over beers with gallery co-owner Sean Leonard.
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‘Art-less Dodger’ Indicted For Swiping Portraits of Basquiat, Mandela and Snoop

The 49-year-old who allegedly stole three paintings from a Williamsburg art gallery before being chased down by the gallery owner, and then apprehended by police, has been indicted and is facing charges of burglary, larceny and robbery of artwork worth $10,000.
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Magic Flying Carpets and Late Night Openings: Art This Weekend

Artwork by Sara Schneckloth

Artwork by Sara Schneckloth.

Between the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival taking over galleries and venues across the borough and Williamsburg Every 2:ND going down tonight, it’s a big weekend for art. Here’s what’s worth checking out — just in case you hadn’t been scouring our events calendar).
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