"Meet the Regulars" out now (Image via Sky Horse Publishing)

“Meet the Regulars” out now (Image via Sky Horse Publishing)

Perhaps your idea of a night out at Greenpoint’s Bar Matchless includes drunkenly windmill punching your way through the crowd, loudly sighing when you realize that literally every seat in the house is taken, then dodging skeevy dudes who try to buy your drinks, and having to resort to physically batting them away when they throw money at the bartender anyway, apparently having misinterpreted your “shove off” through the loud din of god-knows-what kind of music to mean “let’s shove” (or maybe you’re one of those skeevy fellows– in which case, uh, sorry).

If all this sounds scary-familiar, then maybe it’s time you see another side of Matchless. Actually, there’s no better time than the present (i.e. tonight, at 8 pm) to get your foot in the door on a night when that foot is much less likely to get groped.

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