A Beer-Splashed Showcase For Emerging Photographers Takes Root in Brooklyn

(Photos: Hannah McCarthy)

(Photos: Hannah McCarthy)

“We didn’t want it to be a party,” said Sarah Reynolds, a director at Root Studios, as a crowd gathered outside of the North 14th Street photo studio and Narragansett flowed freely in what’s normally its echoing room. “We wanted people to be able to talk and show their work.” But that didn’t stop over 300 from showing up to the first Works in Progress on word-of-mouth and a last-minute email blast alone.
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John Waters Exhibit Draws Gasps From Unsuspecting Chelsea Tourists

(Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York,  © John Waters)

(Photo: Beverly Hills John, courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, © John Waters)

When I stopped by the Marianne Boesky Gallery on an exceedingly chilly Saturday afternoon, just one day after the opening of John Waters’ Beverly Hills John exhibition– the raunchy filmmaker’s been featured in a number of solo shows across the country since 2000– the place was packed with an awkward mix of tourists and people who seemed to be in the know. One woman snapped a photo of a sculpture depicting a mini-living room, a memorial dedicated to the late Mike Kelley, an artists who continues to be an inspiration to Waters. In a speech given at UCLA, Waters dubbed Kelley a “terrorist and a hero.”
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Bushwick Photographer Captures Williamsburg’s ‘Major Transformation’

Brooklyn, 2001-2. (All photos: Louis Mallo)

Brooklyn, 2001-2. (All photos: Luis Mallo)

Luis Mallo was searching for an apartment in Williamsburg with his then-girlfriend, Ana, in 1994, when a woman in her 70s sitting outside a building caught his eye. “She was this older, Polish lady sitting in front of a door. I thought, ‘Should I ask? What are the odds?’ I said to her, ‘My girlfriend and I are looking for an apartment. Do you know of anything available?’ She looked me up and down, paused for a minute, and said, ‘Come with me.’”
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CBGB’s Walls, Cash Register, and Phone Booth Revived For New YouTube Space

(Photo: Angelo Fabara)

(Photos: Angelo Fabara)

When YouTube opened one of its public production facilities in Los Angeles, the head of the project cited CBGBs as the sort of community hub they were trying to create. “We like to say the new Debbie Harry will meet the next Ramones here and a great partnership will be born,” he told FT. Now a fourth YouTube Space has opened in New York with elements of the actual CBGB in place.
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Larry Clark’s “they thought i were but i aren’t anymore…”

Earlier this year Larry Clark practically gave away hundreds of his snapshots and then celebrated his birthday with many rounds of free beer. But this is the main event: on Saturday, Luhring Augustine launches an exhibition of his work from 1961 to the present, starting with his earliest portrait (taken with a camera he borrowed from his mom) and also including his more recent sculptures and paintings.

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Antiques Garage (the Brooklyn Flea of Its Day) Will Close Next Week

(Courtesy of Annex Markets)

(Courtesy of Annex Markets)

Thirfters, here’s some sad news from the west side: after 20 years in Chelsea, The Antiques Garage sends word that next weekend will be its last. The parking garage at 112 West 25th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, is being redeveloped into a hotel tower, and the venerable flea, which has been on a month-to-month lease since 2011, has announced that its finals days will be June 28 and 29.
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Hey, Kids! Larry Clark and Harmony Korine Are Showing Their Work

Larry Clark (Photo: Tim Pioppo)

Larry Clark (Photo: Tim Pioppo)

Kids grows up so fast! Next month will be the 19th anniversary of the movie that scared the shit out of baby-boomer parents and made every teenager this side of Tulsa want to pick up a skateboard, move to NYC, and break into the nearest public swimming pool. Chloe, Rosario, and Leo Fitzpatrick went on to achieve their fair share of fame, and the rest of the kids will be featured in a forthcoming documentary titled — you guessed it — The Kids. But this month it’s the film’s creators who are in the spotlight, thanks to these exhibitions.
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At Independent, There Are Newspapers in Jars and Pickled Veggies in Tables

Andra Ursuta, “Even More Love Hours (2014), at Ramiken Crucible. (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Andra Ursuta, “Even More Love Hours” at Ramiken Crucible. (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

The Independent art fair (the art fair that prefers not to be described as an art fair) opened its doors yesterday evening. To its credit, it does avoid many of the typical art fair evils. There are no square booths, exhibitors are typically friendly – even if you don’t look like you’re wielding a checkbook, and natural light streams through the windows. Located in Chelsea at what was once the Dia Art Foundation’s exhibition space, the whole Independent experience is rather palatable and pleasant.
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That Time I Tried Naked Yoga

The author.

The author in her usual attire.

This Saturday at Alphabet City Sanctuary, Young Naturists America presents a naked yoga session that promises healing through “crystals, vegan chocolate, and community love.” To find out what it might be like, we had Sally Lynn Edmonds attend a class at Bold & Naked, in Chelsea.

I tell my mom I’m doing naked yoga and she says, “Good, that’s your best look.” She doesn’t think much of the way I put together outfits.

My friend Scott thinks the only people who’d do naked yoga are narcissists who want to fuck themselves, but really I’m just curious to do yoga naked with like-minded people.
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This Woman Says the Chelsea Hotel’s New Owner Offered Her Nearly Half a Million to Move

Tina Rossner in her studio apartment.

Tina Rossner in her studio apartment. (Photo: Scott Lynch)

The Stop Work order plastered on a lobby door of the historic Hotel Chelsea could be lifted any day now, allowing for a new round of renovations in rooms once occupied by the likes of William Burroughs, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious and any number of wannabes drawn for decades to the old brick building with wrought iron balconies on West 23rd Street.
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