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Delicate Balancing Act: A Circus Couple Flies Without a Net


Tonight, the theme of The Party by Ostbahnhof is Berlin underground. The house music is so loud that it punctuates bodies and walls. A heaving crowd populates the dance floor as video screens radiate kaleidoscopic images. Then, suddenly, the music stops. A woman in flapper pearls and a black lace teddy is covered from head to toe in powdery corpse paint. She raises a helicopter pilot’s microphone to her mouth and shouts a string of German words, brave and harsh-sounding.

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The Cause B Show Figured It Should Probably Change Its Name


Back when we told you about The Cause B Show, a comedy night dedicated to airing issues of import to North Brooklyn, the borough’s own Hannibal Buress hadn’t yet set off the media firestorm that made Bill Cosby synonymous with “putting the pills in the people.”
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