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What Marnie From Girls Might Talk About at the Apple Store Tonight

Is Marnie Michaels embracing her unsolicited Internet fame? Tonight at 6 p.m. Girls star Allison Williams will be at Soho’s Apple Store to promote season three. On everyone’s mind: Marnie’s music video, which debuted in Sunday’s episode. If we know Marnie Marie Michaels, she’ll be giving some sort of small-scale TED Talk. A title has not been announced, but we took a few guesses.
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Jena Friedman and Elna Baker On Girls: ‘My Daddy Issues Are That I Love My Dad Too Much’

Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.

(Courtesy of HBO)

(Photo: Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO)

Elna and Jena. (Photo: Jena's Instagram)

Elna and Jena. (Photo: Jena’s Instagram)

The text in green belongs to Elna Baker. Based in Greenpoint, she is the author of The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, and has appeared on This American Life. On the last Wednesday of each month, she hosts The Talent Show at Littlefield.

The text in white belongs to fellow comedian Jena Friedman. She’s a former writer for The Late Show with David Letterman, who lives in the East Village.
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MeLo-X On Remixing the Beyoncé Album for Blue Ivy’s Birthday: ‘I Have No Limits’


It is so freaking cold outside, we nearly forgot the gloriously momentous occasion that occurs on Jan. 7: Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday (that’s the holy spawn of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, in case you actively shun all pop culture media outlets). You know who didn’t forget Blue Ivy’s special day? Brooklyn-based rapper and remix mastermind MeLo-X, who released his remix of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, Yoncé-X, earlier today (following some carefully conceptualized teasers on Instagram, naturally).
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Joyce Carol Oates Wants Tarantino to Direct a Menachem Stark Movie

Source: Wikipedia Commons

(Wikipedia Commons)

Police have yet to identify suspects in the death of Brooklyn real estate magnate Menachem “Max” Stark last week, but author Joyce Carol Oates is already endorsing a feature film about the man and the murder.

“Only a great film can do justice to rise & fall of Menachem Stark. Scorsese or Tarantino?  Coen brothers?” tweeted the 75-year-old Pulitzer Prize nominee.
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And Another Thing, Mr. Steingarten: Roberta’s Is NOT 8 Blocks From the Train

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.22.21 AM
Man, we got so worked up yesterday about Vogue’s patronizing praise of Brooklyn dining that we forgot to mention one of the things that irked us the most: Jeffrey Steingarten’s complaint about the “subway ride that often dumped us eight dark and unfamiliar blocks from supper” at Roberta’s.
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Vogue Makes the ‘Long, Bumpy,’ ‘Perilous,’ ‘Costly, Time-Consuming, Often Nauseating’ Trek into Brooklyn


This month's issue of Vogue also includes a Brooklyn-themed fashion spread featuring Devon Aoki (right) outside of the Bedford Cheese Shop.

This month’s issue of Vogue also includes a Brooklyn-themed fashion spread featuring Devon Aoki (right) outside of the Bedford Cheese Shop.

It’s apparently been too long since a middle-aged Manhattanite went on safari in Brooklyn, so none other than Vogue has gone and published “A Distant Shore,” in which Jeffrey Steingarten “table-hops around New York’s most talked-about borough.” Oh, boy.

If the name Steingarten sounds familiar it’s not because you’re thinking of Soundgarden — it’s because a few years ago, Vogue’s restaurant critic touched off a small shitstorm among foodie types when he told Grub Street about the “dangers of Brooklyn boosterism,” recalling the time his Brooklyn-proud assistant brought him a croissant from some bakery she liked over there and he found it “only acceptable” compared to the great croissanteries of Manhattan (you know, like, Au Bon Pain).
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Caught Between Two Worlds in Bushwick

(Photos: Joshua Kristal)

(Photos: Joshua Kristal)

Jazz is floating through my window and it’s coming from the taqueria across the street. At Mesa Azeteca, there’s live jazz on Thursdays and mariachis on Fridays. Welcome to Bushwick, 2013.

The restaurant sits on Wyckoff Avenue near Hart Street, which has become a clear dividing line between two different worlds. Keep Reading »

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FDNY Cracks Down On Bossa Nova’s Ability to ‘Rave With You Full Throttle’

If you were one of the people who thought, “Ugh, that’s the end of that place” when the Bossa Nova Civic Club got that write-up in The Times last month, well then you’re probably also the type that will say, “See, I told you so,” when you hear that, according to the Bushwick boite’s Facebook page, it got a visit from the FDNY and now must limit capacity at its sweat-drenched dance parties.

Cue the message that went out earlier this evening.
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McCarren Park Pool Is OPEN (Don’t Worry, Swimmies Diapers Are For Sale)

(Photo: Sasha Von Oldeshausen)

(Photo: Sasha Von Oldeshausen)

“No urinating or defecating in the pools,” states the NYC Parks Department’s official “Pool Rules.”

Not so at McCarren Park Pool, where swimmers were once made to evacuate the pool when a “brown cloud” dispersed within its waters. And that wasn’t the only cloud hanging over the pool last summer.

Instances of lewd behavior sprang up multiple times alongside more sobering reports of assault and theft, which included a cop getting socked in the face, and lifeguards who were attacked by a bunch of rowdy, backflipping kids.

But that wasn’t enough to deter swimmers when the pool reopened today. By 10:30 a.m., a sizable line had already formed outside its gates.
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Bicycle Film Festival Returns to LES This Week, But May Be Brooklyn Bound

At last year's street party. (Photo: Stephen Robinson)

At last year’s street party. (Photo: Stephen Robinson)

The Bicycle Film Festival kicks off tonight with a party at Le Baron in Chinatown and continues through the weekend with dozens of screenings at Anthology Film Archives, an after-party at Lit, and, of course, the annual street party.

Despite speculation that the 13-year-old festival might move to Brooklyn, organizer Brendt Barbur decided to keep it local — for now, anyway. “This is where we were born,” he said of the East Village and Lower East Side.
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Watch a Bicycle Harvester Do His Thing With a Garage Queen

AJ Nichols, the bike mechanic who was repairing and selling bicycles out of a basement in Bushwick, is enjoying a new life above ground. The 26-year-old North Carolinian relocated his subterranean studio to a proper storefront and, after decorating it with woodworking scraps from an artist’s dumpster, grand-opened Harvest Cyclery at 606 Bushwick Avenue earlier this month.
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