So, we dunno about you, but we certainly slept on the Death Grips shows, both of which sold out faster than you can say, “What the hell? I thought they broke up?” One’s happening at Webster Hall on July 7 and another at Brooklyn Masonic Temple on the 8th, just in case you think you have a chance of weaseling your way in. But the rest of us are just going to have to settle for a bunch of other great shows coming up, though keep in mind most of them are sandwiching the weekend. Coz it’s our Great Nation’s Birthday Celebration on Saturday, in case your sense of time is already shot from all the Jell-O shots, Cat Hair Pills, and dips in the East River after chilling at our borough’s sickest yacht club, all of which are required in heavy doses to live your best summer ever (these are actually things we’re doing, don’t sneer). Hence missing the party boat straight to Death Grips. Le sigh. You live and you learn.

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