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Bruce Has Left the Building, But Catch Springsteen at the Apple Store Tonight

(Photo from @BruceSpringsteen)

(Photo from @BruceSpringsteen)

Bruce Springsteen fans lined up outside the Union Square Barnes & Noble earlier today for a chance to meet The Boss and score a signed copy of his new memoir, Born to Run. The event was scheduled to begin at noon, but a photo from Bruce Springsteen’s Twitter account showed that a sizeable crowd had already gathered before 10am. No surprise given that tickets for the meet-and-greet were going for $1,500.

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New Yorkers Tell Us Why They Lined Up For Hillary

Earlier today we surveyed the insane line at Hillary Clinton’s signing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Now, click through the slideshow to hear why her supporters were so stoked to meet her.

<strong>Hillary shakes hands</strong> (All Photos: Madeleine Overturf)

Hillary shakes hands (All Photos: Madeleine Overturf)

<strong>Tom D’angora</strong>, theatrical producer

Tom D’angora, theatrical producer

"I’m most excited to read the book. So excited to congratulate the Secretary of State on what is sure to be another bestseller."

<strong>The Schoenbergs</strong>

The Schoenbergs

Yolanda (seated): "She’s smart, funny, nice…and she’s a woman!"
Norman ( right): "I would love for her to run. We’re still in the wrong direction and we need a better president."

<strong>Lemzare Kastrati</strong>, ultrasound tech

Lemzare Kastrati, ultrasound tech

"I want to thank her for everything she has done for my country (Kosovo)…because of her, I can go back."

<strong>Charlie Ferrusi</strong>, NYU student

Charlie Ferrusi, NYU student

"I think this is important for her to work on what she lost in her run—her personal touch—so anything she does like this is so important."

<strong>Allison Schlissel</strong>, Columbia student

Allison Schlissel, Columbia student

"It’s amazing, I just met someone who might be the future president."

<strong>Alfred Ojeranti</strong>, retired (left)

Alfred Ojeranti, retired (left)

"In Nigeria, where I’m from, the Clintons are semi-gods."

<strong>Alex Lopez</strong>, Junior at Dartmouth University (pink shirt)

Alex Lopez, Junior at Dartmouth University (pink shirt)

"She’s someone who has shown me what it means to be an incredible human."

<strong>After the signing</strong>

After the signing

"It was awesome!"
"She just has such a presence…she was so happy up there!"

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Hundreds of Hillary Fans (and a Couple of Haters) Lined Up in Union Square

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

Hillary Clinton fans, young and old, wrapped around four blocks in Union Square this morning, waiting for what one called a “historic moment” — a book signing at Barnes & Noble by their hero, the pantsuited pol who claims she hasn’t yet made up her mind about running for president.
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Which Pol Would You Rather Meet: Hillary or Gnarr?

Who’ll spark the longer line tomorrow morning: David Chang’s hamburger or Hillary Clinton? The First Lady turned Senator turned Secretary of State (turned President?) is signing her new book, Hard Choices, at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square tomorrow at 11 a.m., and chances are pretty good there’ll be a line of James Franco proportions when the wristbands are handed out at 8 a.m. (you’ll have to buy a book to get one, and no, Hillary won’t sign your Benghazi bumper sticker.)
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