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L Train and Citi Bike Stations Will Be Down Thursday Night in Williamsburg

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.48.42 PMIf you thought the loss of subway service and Subway sandwich service was the extent of the nightmare in Williamsburg, think again: not only will the Bedford and Lorimer stops be without late-night and weekend L train service until May 18, but this Thursday, the problem will be compounded by Citi Bike repairs.

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Can Citi Bikes Shred? Let’s Find Out!

We never thought we’d see Billy Rohan on a Citi Bike. You’re more likely to catch him skateboarding in Iraq or backflipping off a cop car.

But the other day he shot us an idea: “I thought it would be a funny skit to take these silly bikes to famous skate spots and get our friends to ride them on stairs and skate parks.”
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Bike-Loving Hasids Want More Pedals in the Shtetl

Black and blue. (Photo: Sasha Von Oldershausen)

Black and blue. (Photo: Sasha Von Oldershausen)

They don’t roll on Shabbos, or anytime else. But among the Hasidim of South Williamsburg, a grassroots organization is pushing for more bike-share stations.

Hasidim For Bikes, founded late last month, is committed to uniting those members of the Hasidic community who are psyched for bikes — and bummed about a perceived dearth of bike stations south of Broadway.
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