Big Neck Police

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Music: Dope Body, PC Worship, Pill, Big Neck Police, Pretengineer

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Check out Baltimore’s own Dope Body coz these noisy space punk freaks just dropped a new album titled Kunk. Sure, they’re giving off some vibes that could easily be confused for cock rock with this one, but we’ve heard from reputable sources their live show is still a killer one. And rah, rah, rah everyone already knows we worship PC Worship, and if you haven’t checked them out live yet, what on earth are you waiting for? The same goes for the sax-wielding fellows of Pill, whose live show is simply superb.

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Week In Music: Kiwi Living Legend, No One Punk, and a Rock Show at Baby’s Elvis

You better believe we’re back with a sick music lineup for your eyes and ears only, boys and girls. This week, take advantage of the following opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. We’re not saying you should put yourself in a situation where you should dance. As if. Trust us, we’d never ask you to do something as unattractive as that. Rather, swoop into one new East Village venue and hit up another Greenpoint one that gets a lot less love than it deserves. Or just stick with the tried and true party spots, your choice. Gobble up these juicy sound waves while you can still feel em.

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