I Live Above Fette Sau, and the Bacon Waft Haunts Me So

(Photo: Elliot Black/NY Mag)

(Photo: Elliot Black/NY Mag)

I live above a barbecue restaurant in Williamsburg called Fette Sau. It offers meats that have been sugared, smoked, and roasted until they are soft and sweet, like candy. It’s a popular place.

When my fiancée and I moved in, we were worried about the noise, since our apartment is directly above their outdoor seating area. Our bedroom window, in fact, is only 50 feet away from the active mouths of the patrons, and while smoking is not allowed, drunken storytelling certainly is. We go to bed early – I’m a school teacher, and she’s a medical resident – and for the first few nights we lay awake until midnight, grinding our teeth with rage, wishing death on these people and their stupid stories, these people who could stay up late drinking bourbon and eating ribs on a Wednesday.
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Here’s What’s Popping Off This Fourth of July Weekend

MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2013: Dance floor

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

The Macy’s fireworks may have permanently decamped to the Hudson, and the city’s slowly bleeding out to the Hamptons, so it might seem that Bedford + Bowery’s neighborhoods have nothing to offer for Independence Day weekend. Au contraire! Herewith, a round-up of events and on-goings to keep you celebrating our great nation through the weekend.
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The Great Brisket Race: Can You Beat the Mighty Quinn’s Line By Crossing the River?

The weekend is almost upon us, which means it’ll soon be time to hit Smorgasburg for some Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque. Except for one thing: the line, always the line! It’s safe to say Mighty Quinn’s is the Shake Shack of Williamsburg. In fact, we’ve often found ourselves queuing for ‘que at East River Park and wondering if it’d be quicker to just hop on the L and get a brisket sandwich from the East Village location.

One day, we actually decided to find out, by donning some power-walking gear and challenging a hapless soul at the end of the line to a race. A race for brisket. Watch our video to see who got fed first.