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Nick Zinner and James Murphy Remember When Being in a Band Was ‘Not a Very Good Idea’

L to R: Nick Zinner, James Murphy, Rob Sheffield, and Lizzy Goodman. (Photo courtesy of Strand Book Store)

Last night at Strand Book Store, Lizzy Goodman said she considered her new oral history, Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011, a “dirty high school reunion.” Which was weird, because I don’t remember going to high school with Aziz Ansari and Seth Meyers, who were in the audience.

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Aziz Ansari to Everyone at His Book Signing: ‘Please Don’t Murder Me’

DSC_5420“Yeah, I just got back from a year working as a bartender in Malawi,” said the windswept blonde to the doe-eyed brunette seated beside him, and behind me, as we awaited the delayed arrival of Aziz Ansari. The banner at the entrance to the Union Square Barnes & Noble read “Aziz Ansari: Modern Romance – Book Signing, 12pm.” My watch showed 12:34, as I continued to unwittingly learn more about the “dark continent,” courtesy of this rather endless, self-involved pick-up attempt. “Mr Ansari is currently stuck in traffic and sends his apologies,” explained a store clerk. Apology not accepted, Aziz.

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