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Williamsburg Shopping Weekend Launches With Free Drinks and Sweet Discounts

(Photo: Williamsburg Shopping Weekend)

With rents going up, an L Train shutdown imminent, and chains like Lululemon moving into the ‘burg, retailers are tasked with drumming up more business and loyal shoppers. Enter the first ever Williamsburg Shopping Weekend.

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Ryan Raftery Plays Anna Wintour ‘From the Waist Up’ in a One-Man Musical

Ryan Raftery is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion (Photo: Eva Sakellarides)

He’s She. He’s Anna.

Ryan Raftery’s pop-inspired one-man musical is a sassy, highly exaggerated take on the revered ice queen of fashion, Anna Wintour. Framing the show around Vogue‘s controversial “Kimye” cover, he takes the audience through a comical yet humanizing and emotional journey anticipating what seems like Anna’s looming dismissal from Condé Nast.
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