Ann Arbor Film Festival

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Film: Ann Arbor Film Festival Presents

still from "Three Quarters" film by Kevin Jerome Everson (Photo via Union Docs Facebook)

still from “Three Quarters” film by Kevin Jerome Everson (Photo via Union Docs Facebook)

The Ann Arbor Film Fest usually requires that you be present in Ann Arbor, Michigan (aka 45 minutes from Detroit) to experience it. That’s all well and good for those of us with a valid Michigan driver’s license and/ or time + money to burn, but for all of us less-fortunate bastards out there, we’re kind of screwed. But suddenly our luck has turned around, because Union Docs is screening a lineup of nine short films from the 53rd iteration of AAFF earlier this year, curated by the festival.

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Week in Film: Embrace This Festival Madness and Ye Will Be Rewarded

Is it just me or are there actual butt loads of film festivals taking place all over our dear city. Happening right now in Gowanus is the Motorcycle Film Fest and last week we were graced with a Coney Island Film Festival. Well, I hope you’re not totally infested just yet because there’s even more fests and marathon of shorts coming down the pipeline, and they’re getting closer to us than ever.

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