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Is the Owner of Bushwick’s Spin-the-Bottle Diner Really as Cray as They Say?

Chang and a young lady at Gama jello wrestling (Photo: Chang Han's Facebook)

Chang and a young lady at Gama jello wrestling (Photo: Chang Han’s Facebook)

I like to think of myself as a very flexible person. Over-imbibing isn’t exactly on my list of “don’ts.” I’ve learned over the years not to be an ageist, I proudly keep friends nearly twice my age, realizing if I’m lucky I might make it to middle age too. Admittedly partying is a pretty frivolous pursuit, a bourgeois distraction. But if you don’t party at least once in a while what does that make you? A party pooper? All of these things were running through my head when I met Chang Han last week, the restaurateur behind Amancay’s Diner in Bushwick. I had decided to keep an open mind, a general rule but one that was unusually difficult to follow in light of the juicy chatter surrounding this middle-aged party boy with a taste for young ladies. So I wasn’t exactly surprised when Chang asked me a very presumptuous question: “How do you party?”

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An Artsy Dot-Com Joins Livestream On 3rd Ward’s Old Block


(Wright Harvey shows off work by Joe Hollier.)

The once dark and desolate area around the former 3rd Ward building is brightening up. Months after Livestream Public moved into 195 Morgan Avenue in May, Sugarlift is now up and running across the street, in a second building leased by Livestream.
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