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This month marks the passing of 35 years since, in 1980, influential dork-rock gods Devo dropped their third and only platinum record, Freedom of Choice. A new 33 1/3 book out by rock critic Evie Nagy describes this brief moment in time when the forces of a conservative shift were gathering in America and the pre-AIDS party was about to hit its peak. At the same time, people were increasingly hopeful when it came to technology and the possibilities it held for the future. Enter Devo, a band of brothers (literally– founding members included Mark and and Bob Mothersbaugh and Gerald “Jerry” and Bob Casale) whose mission was to call out the greater society for being a bunch of sheepish nitwits. The author, who’d interviewed Devo regarding their new album for Billboard back in 2010, was inspired by this unique moment in American history as well as a band that she said “there just isn’t really anything like them.”

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