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Hexcellent News: Occult Bookstore Catland Is Launching a Magazine

Catland on Instagram.

If print is dead, Catland is determined to commune with the spirits. The Bushwick occult bookstore is planning to launch a print magazine, come Spring equinox.

At the helm will be Melissa Madara, an owner of Catland and a witch deriving her practice from Croatian and Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. “I firmly believe in analog media,” she told Bedford + Bowery. “I get a lot of questions, as the owner of a bookshop, about how long I think I’ll have my job in the era of Amazon and Kindle. I always just tell those people that they have no romance. The allure of bookshops and physical media will never go out of style.” She credits Catland’s recent fundraiser for laying the groundwork for this project.

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Responses To The Inauguration Anniversary, And More Shows To See


(image via Ars Nova / Facebook)

Citizens United II: What Happened?
Wednesday, January 17 at Ars Nova, 8 pm: $15

If you couldn’t tell from the title alone, this is a political show. Though just to clarify, it’s not a staged reading of the Hillary Clinton book. At least, I don’t think it is. “Leftist performance collective” Citizens United returns once more to the Ars Nova stage to parse through these troubled political times by way of drag shows, poetry, performance art, punk music, and more. The group joins the many artistic efforts happening this month to commemorate-slash-mourn the one-year anniversary of the presidential inauguration. In fact, the last time Citizens United brought their unique stylings to the stage was January 2017. What has happened since that fateful month is dizzying and often cringe-worthy to think of, and possibly perfectly summed up by a night of chaotic performance. Keep Reading »

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Luke, I Am Your Roaster: Watch Luke Skywalker Get Roasted By Star Wars Characters

“People say Chewbacca’s breath is bad, but have you ever been in the Millennium Falcon cockpit with Luke Skywalker? Forget using the force, how about use the floss!”

Expect to hear such jokes (but hopefully better) at the Roast of Luke Skywalker, coming to the Creek and the Cave later this month.

The roast of everyone’s favorite Jedi Master is being put on by Character Assassination, an outfit born in Louisville, Kentucky that has previously roasted fictional figures such as Robocop, Freddy Kreuger, and Barbie– plus real-life legends ranging from Walt Disney to Hitler.

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Art This Week: Marking a Year of Resistance, and More

“America” ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE artwork by Touba Alipour

One Year of Resistance
Opening Tuesday, January 16 at The Untitled Space, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through February 4.

Though it feels like several eternities, it’s been about a year since Trump was inaugurated. A large array of artists have been asked to channel their rage and other such emotions into their work, resulting in the wide spread that is One Year of Resistance, a group show at The Untitled Space in Tribeca. This gallery is no stranger to art that responds to the current political climate; the month of the 2017 inauguration they presented group exhibition Uprise / Angry Women. For One Year of Resistance, which serves as a follow-up to Angry Women, curator and gallery director Indira Cesarine has asked over 80 artists of all genders to contribute work inspired by “the controversial policies and practices of our current president.” The work ranges from literal depictions of Trump to more symbolic renderings of #resistance. Can you believe it’s only been a year? Keep Reading »


Norman Glockwell? See What Happens When Guns Are Thrust into Iconic Artwork

You’ve seen what happens when Hollywood guns are replaced by thumbs ups or, even better, selfie sticks. Now see what happens when guns are swapped in to famous works of art.

An exhibit coming to Brooklyn will feature artwork where pistols, rifles, and other weapons and violent imagery are inserted into interpretations of works by Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer… even Dr. Seuss.

The show, opening Feb. 2, is being produced by Repair the World, a Jewish social justice non-profit, and features the artwork of Brooklyn artist Evan Schwartz and writer-artist Michael K. Dorr.

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More Theater Festivals, Clowns, And Performative Activism

(photo: Ian Douglas, courtesy of American Realness)

American Realness
Now through January 16 at Abrons Arts Center and other venues, various times and prices.

If you thought last week’s Performance Picks covered all the winter theater festival shows to see, you would be incorrect. There are actually more, believe it or not. Abrons Arts Center and Gibney Dance’s American Realness festival began yesterday, bringing with it a slew of dance and movement-based works, including several world premieres. Whether you’re interested in profound performance art, classic dance, or pop cultural tribute, American Realness likely has you covered.

Some intriguing titles include nora chipaumire’s punk salute to Patti Smith and Zimbabwe, Neal Medlyn’s investigation into Pina Bausch and his years as an “untrained dancer in New York contemporary dance,” NIC Kay’s solo performance inspired by queer ballroom and Butoh, Adrienne Truscott’s “dance about dance without any dance,” Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis’s physical delve into the seeing and perceiving of bodies both disabled and not, and of course, more. Keep Reading »