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Week in Shows: ‘Nihilist Queer Revolt,’ Princess Nokia, and More

(Via Ad Hoc / Brooklyn Bazaar)

Xiu Xiu, Dreamcrusher, Gold Dime
Thursday April 6, 8 pm at Brooklyn Bazaar: $13

If you’re wondering what Xiu Xiu is all about, take Morrissey’s whinny, combine with scratchy dance music and pop presence, and dump the resulting liquid on the ground, because Xiu Xiu is anything but rut-stuck. If there’s one habit that the depresso-electro outfit can’t quit, it’s danceability. Leading vocal dude Jamie Stewart might sound like he’s violently ripping his hair out at the moment, and so sad that he might tip over a newspaper stand if he comes across one, but he’ll never get in the way of you and your shimmy.

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Neck-Slashing on Bowery; Webster Hall Nabs $35 Million Buyer

Around 10 p.m. last night, police say a 20-something man was slashed in the neck during a fight on Bowery near Stanton Street. He was treated at Bellevue Hospital, and no arrests have been made. [DNA Info]

Late Saturday afternoon inside Ludlow Street brunch spot Libation, police say a man sustained a gash below his ear (that required six stitches) soon after reportedly spitting at a woman. [Bowery Boogie]

A partnership that includes Barclays Center-owning Brooklyn Sports Entertainment purchased Webster Hall for a reported $35 million. [NY Post] Keep Reading »

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Sexting Festival, French Star’s Rare Show, and More Art to See

(image courtesy of Cooler Gallery)

Opening Tuesday April 4 at Cooler Gallery, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through April 22.

Camilla Engström has had an interesting history for an artist. Born in Sweden, she swiftly relocated to Shanghai to work full-time as a model, and then made her way to New York to study fashion at FIT. However, she left to focus on her art, a familiar story that surely many can relate to. Now, she exhibits her multidisciplinary work around the city, and will be bringing a series of paintings and more to Cooler Gallery, a unique space nestled a stone’s throw from the Navy Yard.

This show is new territory for her, in a way. Her practice, the gallery states, typically revolves around a Swedish cartoon Engström created named Husa, a smiling femme figure with a curvy belly. This show will feature more landscape-driven works, but ones that still retain the dreamy, playful, Candyland-esque quality of Husa. There will not just be paintings on view, but also sculptural pieces that reflect particular elements of the paintings, bringing a multi-dimensional quality to it all. Keep Reading »

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H.R. of Bad Brains Is Finally an Action Figure

How low can a punk get?

Nearly 34 years to the day Bad Brains asked that question on their April 15, 1983 release, Rock For Light, we finally have an answer: about 9″ off the ground. That’s the height of a new figurine paying tribute to Paul “H.R.” Hudson, the legendary lead singer of the New York punk band. The figurine is being released by Tokyo-based PressPop this summer, and is now available via pre-order via Aggronautix, distributors of the Debbie Harry bobblehead.

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How Cute! Park Slope Just Got a ‘Hipster Deli’

(Photo: Aimee Bianca)

Let’s face it, Bedford Avenue has become seriously congested with strollers, and Oleanders, the restaurant that billed itself as a modern-day fern bar, is now a hotspot for Babies Who Brunch. So, it’s time to ask: Is it possible that Park Slope has gotten cooler than Williamsburg? I mean, there are still plenty of reasons to mock the Food Coop— on the other hand, Park Slope just scored its own Blue Bottle and is even getting an outpost of Nitehawk. And then there’s this.

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EV Rocker David Peel Hospitalized; More Fast Food with “McBushwick”

Former John Lennon collaborator and legendary East Village resident David Peel was reportedly hospitalized last week in Virginia following a major heart attack. [EV Grieve]

Seeking help finding the suspect, the NYPD released footage of the man they believe attempted to rape a Bushwick woman in her Greene Avenue apartment early on March 25. [Gothamist/a>]

The number of New York City hate crimes in last month was up 106 percent from March 2015. [DNA Info] Keep Reading »

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Get Your High Tea on with Dabbing Mr. Peanut at Pikachu’s Garden of Artly Delights

(Flyer via Castor Gallery)

Sometimes I hate my friends. Like right after the release of Pokémon Go. Nearly every single one of them not only downloaded the dang thing, but actually used it in public. In broad daylight. In front of other people. Meeting up for a drink at the bar turned into scavenging the streets for more bars with more Pokémons. This had to be an ironic thing that my pals would forget after a day or two, I assumed. But after weeks of this nihilistic nonsense, I was feeling like so many of the little things that make life tolerable had been invaded by an army of tiny, mind-numbing jerks. Pokémon Go seemed like a harbinger of the kind of voluntary sedation that could become the norm in response to some scary stuff from above. So maybe Oliver Stone came across as just slightly insane when he likened Pokemon Go to “totalitarianism,” but I kind of agree with him. Pokemon Go feels like nothing less than a small, but important sign of the coming cultural apocalypse.

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Spaghetti Donuts Have Caused a Hole Lotta Saucy Comments

(Photo: Pop Pasta’s Instagram)

Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s joke– spaghetti donuts really are coming to Smorgasburg this weekend, via new vendor Pop Pasta, and the uproar is so intense that we can officially consider this a spaghetti incident. A tweet from Food & Wine unleashed a flurry of “Nooooos,” and “Ewwwws” in both text and gif form. F&W’s Facebook post got a similar reception; it’s clear people really want Pop Pasta to put a fork in this.

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Ninjasonik Kicked Off Their New Party With a Wild Music-Video Shoot

Jah Jah Brown and Telli Michaels (second and fifth from left) of Ninjasonik with crew during their performance. (Photos: Nick McManus)

Ninjasonik hosted a wild music video shoot for their new single “Hoolies” at Lower East Side bar The Skinny last night. The NYC music staple comprised of rappers Jah Jah Brown and Telli Michaels also used the occasion to kick off their new party series Disco Trap, and at least a hundred friends from the art-bar scene and their Fame School hip-hop family came through.

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Houston Street Welcomes Wowfulls; ‘Younger’ is Bushwick-Bound

In Greenwich Village, restaurateur Silvano Marchetto suffered a broken trachea and was robbed of $1,800 Monday when he was attacked by two men in the lobby of his former restaurant of 41 years, Da Silvano. Police are searching for suspects. [NY Daily News]

Wowfulls, the Smorgasburg veteran purveyors of Hong Kong-style egg waffles, will debut their first brick-and-mortar store today at 309 E. Houston Street. [Gothamist]

Macaron Parlor on St. Mark’s Place has closed in preparation for their upgrade to a larger space on Hester Street. [EV Grieve] Keep Reading »