Readings and Talks: Sex, Celebs, Centimeters, and the Southside

Things are getting hot and heavy at this week’s upcoming readings and talks, with historical badass battles, fictional prostitutes, sexy sex-ed films, and a look at why America insists on measuring stuff the way it does. Gallons of fun, ahoy.

Saturday, August 9

ladies copyLadies of the Night reading with Maggie McNeill
Maggie McNeill’s biography reads like the worst nightmare of every English major’s mother and/or the wet dream of every horny undergraduate male: a BA in literature, then a Masters of Library and Information Science and a brief stint as a suburban librarian, before economic imperatives compelled her to find work as a stripper, then a call girl, then a madam. This decade-long sex work stint ends happily (mothers, cue a sigh of relief) in the fairy-tale manner. Madam marries favorite client, moves to ranch, and is able at long last to combine both of her interests: writing and prostitution.
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Amorous Bank Robbers, Choose Your Own Adventure, And Nerds Galore

It’s Reel Psyched, our roundup of movies we’re really excited to see.

The Dog 

A documentary about the real guy behind Al Pacino’s character in Dog Day Afternoon, John Wojtowicz, who tried to rob a Brooklyn bank to finance his partner’s male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. This was totally wacky stuff back in 1972, and became a nationwide phenomenon as Wojtowicz’s 14-hour standoff with police was broadcast live on TV. We all know the Pacino film, but this doc attempts to capture what really went down, thanks to the directors’ dedication– they spent ten years compiling archival footage and interviewing the people involved, including Wojtowicz. Friday August 8th through Thursday August 13th at IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue; tickets, $14
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New Coffee, Juice Spots in Bushwick; ‘Panty Raid’ in Greenpoint

You Go Girl

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

At 149 First Avenue, all residents were told to vacate within 90 days due to the building’s structural deterioration, which might require a full demolition. [EV Grieve]

A new advocacy group called Tenants United Fighting For the Lower East Side [TUFF Less] assembled in the wake of increasing real estate activity in the neighborhood. [The Lo-Down]

Bushwick’s newest coffee shop is El Cafecito on Wyckoff Avenue, which stocks Brooklyn Roasting Co. beans and Balthazar pastries. [Bushwick Daily]
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The Honey House, a New Coffee Bar On a Pretty Sweet Block

Honey House already attracting the neighbourhood on East 11th (Photo: Kirsten O'Regan)

Honey House already attracting the neighbourhood (Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

Honey House, a recently materialized coffee shop on East 11th Street, may look new—but to East Village locals the face behind the counter might not. Andre Muñez grew up on 26th and Second, and ran Catalog, a vintage boutique, from Honey House’s location for a couple years before he switched from clothing to coffee.
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Third Ave Shuffle: 5 Closings and 6 Openings in NYU Land

IMG_0314Speaking of the East Village’s ever changing shopping landscape, the upper reaches of Third Avenue, where NYU’s Third North dorm is parked, are seeing a lot of change. Here’s a rundown of what’s going in and what’s on the way out.
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Hop Along With Bad Bunnies, Go Down the Rabbit Hole with LODRO, and More

Time again for Good Shows, our weekly roundup of what’s good in live music.
Bad Rabbits are a Boston-based rock/R&B outfit who’ve been around since ’07. The five-piece band serves up infectious, funky beats and driving vocal harmonies that manage to remain nimble. It’s impossible not to hop when Bad Rabbits play. Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Greenpoint, Friday, August 8 at 8 p.m., tickets free

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We’re Posting This From East River State Park, Now With Beefed-Up WiFi

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Between the WiFi that recently came to Rockaway and downtown’s new WiFi-equipped “beach,” we’re living in a golden age of surfing the web while, like, actually surfing. And now there’s this: in recent days, a vast swathe of Jones Beach — including the picnic tables and lounge seating at SmorgasBar — became WiFi equipped, thanks to a program that has also beefed up WiFi at East River State Park.
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