Stabbing in East Village; Meat Hook Sandwich Shop Opens

Construction, East Village, NYC

(Photo: Lisa Larson-Walker)

After a scuffle between a prostitute and client sent both men to Bellevue Hospital with stab wounds early yesterday morning, East Village police got a break from actor David Schwimmer, who offered up security camera footage taken from his neighboring building. [NY Post]

According to a press release, East Village developer Ben Shaoul has settled the $50 million lawsuit brought forth by his parents. However, the attorney representing Shaoul’s parents says that an agreement has yet to be finalized. [The Real Deal]

Hector Xavier Monsegur (aka “Sabu“), the Alphabet City hacker-turned-FBI informant originally arrested in June 2011, will be charged today. The government is seeking a seven-month jail stint. [Wired]

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15 Respectable Reasons to Stay Local This Memorial Day Weekend

Trust us, the roads don't look anything like this right now.

Trust us, the roads don’t look anything like this right now. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Staying in town this Memorial Day weekend? Count yourself lucky. Being stuck in the city is way better than being stuck in traffic, or — worse yet — in a Hamptons club, waiting for your friend to stop talking to that bro in the pink shirt so she can give you a ride back to the timeshare. Here’s over a dozen things you can do this weekend, starting with the next best thing to a cat cafe. Have a groovy weekend — we’ll be back here Tuesday.
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What to Eat at Bacchanal, Opening On the Bowery Next Week

Scottish salmon. (Courtesy: Bacchanal)

Octopus. (Courtesy: Bacchanal)

It’s surprising that there wasn’t already a wine and cocktail-focused restaurant in New York named after the debauchery surrounding the Greek god of the grape harvest (there is, unsurprisingly, one in New Orleans). That void will be filled when Bacchanal, a “casual fine dining restaurant,” opens its doors on Tuesday. Imagining a best of both worlds situation (a restaurant mullet of sorts) we decided to find out what casual fine dining means at a preview yesterday evening.
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Hold On To Your Seats: Stephen Hawking, Yoko Ono, and Pussy Riot Get Ionescoed

Stephen Hawking chair puppet, with Marit Sirgmets, Jane Catherine Shaw, and Jessica Smith. (Photo: Richard Termine)

Stephen Hawking chair puppet, with Marit Sirgmets, Jane Catherine Shaw, and Jessica Smith. (Photo: Richard Termine)

If your dream answer to “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” is Pussy Riot, Stephen Hawking, Yoko Ono and Gertrude Stein — or if you happen to be a furniture lover and a connoisseur of existential angst — then get thee to The Chairs, premiering this evening at La Mama in the East Village.  
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34 Places to Watch Movies Outdoors; Williamsburg Gets a Teepee

The Rat's Nest at the Bank Building

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A 31-year-old East Village man is dead after he fell off his motorcycle while riding on the Williamsburg Bridge at 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning. [NY Post]

Was State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver using a fall guy to cover up his decades-long history with a Lower East Side low-income housing development? [NY Times]

The state appeals court is currently deciding whether rent-stabilized leases can be sold off when a tenant files for bankruptcy, specifically addressing a case brought forth by an East Village woman with a $703/month rent who filed for bankruptcy in 2011. [Wall Street Journal]
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