The New St. Mark’s Bookshop Got Its First Window Display, With a LES Novel of Note

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Update, July 20: The store announced its reopening yesterday via a Facebook message, followed up by an e-mail blast today: “After nearly a month of delay while our contractor finished building out the new location and we moved everything into place, we have finally opened our doors again at our new store at 3rd and A. Our hours have changed and we will now be open daily from noon until 10pm. We look forward to seeing you!”
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Readings and Talks: Post-Apocalyptic Pregnancy, Kafkaesque Erotica, and More

Wise-up about the underlying structures of the Israel-Palestine conflict, lust in the style of Kafka, and hear about California’s (fictional) dystopian future at this week’s worthy readings and talks. 

Friday, July 18

An Evening with Nir Evron
As the Israel-Palestine conflict is once again splashed across the international press, there’s never been a better time to become familiar with the work of Nir Evron. The Israeli filmmaker has long been fascinated with the physical architecture of the conflict, and this latest work—Endurance—is the third in his “Architectural Trilogy.” Keep Reading »

Flood Tide Reimagines That Time Swoon Took a Flotsam Flotilla Down the Hudson

The gar-barge. (Photo: Todd Chandler)

The gar-barge (Photo: Todd Chandler)

Almost exactly five years ago Todd Chandler was floating atop a garbage heap in the Adriatic Sea bound for a party he had not been invited to, the Venice Biennale. A crew of about 30 artists, freegans, anarchists, bike punks and the like were at the helm of the rafts which made up a fleet of buoyant recycled materials.
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Watch The Love Ways Shotgun (and Then Golf-Club) Some Beers in ‘Avalanche Kids’

Indie rockers The Love Ways have been working on their second EP, Vacant Years, for nearly a year. They released their first one, Every Night, in May of 2013; this time around, the quintet worked with sought-after producer Kevin McMahaon, the man behind the curtain for Brooklyn-based Titus Andronicus, Real Estate, et. al.
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This Type of Astral Opera Only Comes Along Once Every Several Years

ison“Space Opera” seems to have fallen out of favor since the ‘70s, which makes it a perfect target for reanimation and—let’s hope—popularization. This week the band Color presents ISON: A Space Opera, which retells the saga of the comet ISON.

The show is being touted as “a meditation on the supposed heroism of long voyages,” and includes guest musicians, vocalists, and actors, as well as spoken text taken verbatim from interviews with Sajan Saini, physicist, and Tim Recuber, sociologist. Core Color band members are vocalist Michael Blain (who also plays drums for the Williamsburg band Maude), guitar player Randy Miller (he also plays bass with the country band Hemi) and bassist Kristin Dombek, who is better known as the advice columnist at n+1.

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This Jeweler Isn’t Big On Gems, Is More Into Transatlantic Cable

Erica Weiner in her Greenpoint Studio (Photo: Kirsten O'Regan)

Erica Weiner in her Greenpoint Studio (Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

“I find gems to be really boring” is not something one expects a jewelry-designer to say, but Erica Weiner says it and means it. “It’s more interesting to talk about De Beers’ advertising campaign than to talk about how big and perfect a diamond is. I do not give a shit about how big and perfect a diamond is.”

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Williamsburg Starbucks Opens Monday; Free Films in Tompkins Begin Tonight


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

The son of Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe was arrested in the East Village after allegedly buying cocaine and prescription pills. Police also arrested McEnroe’s alleged drug dealer, 22-year-old Niro Meneses of the Upper West Side. [NY Daily News]

The Williamsburg Starbucks opens Monday. [Gothamist]

Kings County Bar—of Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant fame—left its Seigel Street space in Bushwick after a rent increase, choosing to merge with its sister bar 1 Knickerbocker to form Kings County Saloon, opening Friday. [Gothamist]
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20 Reactions to ‘Brooklyn Girls’ That May Make Catey Shaw Want to Burrow Herself

In “NYC Bitche$”, Awkwafina rapped, “Bitches be in Bushwick, they all live in Bushwick, they all love Bushwick, but I say fuck that shit.” In the newly released “Brooklyn Girls,” ukulele-strumming songstress Catey Shaw has a substantially less jaded take on her home neighborhood: “There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside,” she marvels without a trace of irony.
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This ‘Aussiepreneur’ Serves Flat Whites, Is On the Rise

(Photo: Alexander Hall's Instagram)

(Photo: Alexander Hall’s Instagram)

In the month of May, Alexander Hall opened Rosella on the Lower East Side and Brunswick in Bed-Stuy, but he ain’t done yet: “There’s another Brunswick opening in Windsor Terrace in early August,” says the chatty Australian. “Then there’s two more in Harlem towards the end of the year.”
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Ad Hoc Expands to Greenpoint and Gets a Taste of Turf War

(Photo: Kate Beaudoin)

(Photo: Kate Beaudoin)

Since opening their second location in Greenpoint two weeks ago, the folks at Williamsburg-based Ad Hoc have been hard at work improving their inventory, despite what owner Ali Liu says is some “strange, passive-aggressive backlash.” The new Bedford Avenue location boasts impressive local talent: clothing designer and Fort Greener Ilana Kohn, tote and textile specialists Cold Picnic, also of Fort Greene, and architectural jewelry from The Things We Keep of Bed-Stuy.
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