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Apparently, Padma Lakshmi Wants NYU to Pack Its Knives and Go

(Photo: Randi Eichenbaum)

(Photo: Randi Eichenbaum)

Whelp, this land-use matter just got a whole lot sexier! Opponents of NYU’s plan to expand in Greenwich Village have gotten a few more bold-face names behind their lawsuit against the school.

A rep for Faculty Against the Sexton Plan (one of the groups suing the school) tells us Padma Lakshmi of “Top Chef” (and of the East Village) will join Village-based authors Peter Carey and Joseph McElroy in the audience at State Supreme Court on Thursday.
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10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About the G Train But Were Stuck Underground So Couldn’t Ask

(Photo: Natalie Rinn)

The waiting is the hardest part. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Like any relationship fraught with “issues,” riders of the G train know acute highs (like catching the train just as it arrives at the dank Broadway station at 3am) and despairing lows (like, ugh, having to ride the shuttle bus from Greenpoint to Court Square half the summer). Good or bad, the G knows how to keep things interesting!

The MTA’s full review of the G line, released yesterday and embedded below, made us see our relationship with the G in a whole new light, and like a good couples counselor it finally helped us get some questions answered. Starting with…
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Watch Seattle Surf Rockers La Luz Play a Seattle Pizzeria, Right Here in New York

If you missed La Luz’s first New York City show Sunday at Mercury Lounge, you’ll want to catch them at Shea Stadium tonight. The band, formed a year ago in Seattle, plays surf rock tinged with lead singer Shana Cleveland’s fluid guitar riffs, Marian Li Pino’s sometimes punishing percussion, Alice Sandahl’s mesmerizing keyboard work, and haunting four-piece harmonies.
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Update on Pike St. Fire, Bushwick Bohemia in the Hamptons

Panoramic rainbow

(Photo: Bahram Foroughi)

Last week’s fire on Pike Street rendered 34 adults and 7 children homeless. [The Lo Down]

Hamptons Bohemia, this summer’s annual ArtHamptons fair, will feature a “Bushwick Bohemia” show “contrasting two different artist worlds,” according to curator Andrew Gori. No kidding! [DNA Info] Keep Reading »

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Roll Up For the ‘Magical Mystery Tour,’ Get ‘Dazed and Confused’

These upcoming screenings, q&as, and open cereal bars have us Reel Psyched.

It was on this day 45 years ago that the Beatles moved into the Apple Records headquarters in London, where a huge chunk of “Let It Be” was recorded and where their last-ever rooftop performance was held.

So why not celebrate like a true fan and head on over to Boulevard Tavern for a screening of their debut film “The Magical Mystery Tour”? We know the film has no direct connection to the Apple headquarters (other then it being the Beatles), but maybe you wanted an excuse to drink $6 martinis, indulge in a $5 all-you-can-eat BBQ and watch a free Beatles movie at 11 p.m. on a Monday. Now you have one.
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Cooper Union Students End Occupation of President's Office

There’ll be no more pizza airlifts at Cooper Union.

Students camped out in President Jamshed Bharucha’s office for 65 days have reached an agreement with the Board of Trustees that ends their occupation. Student organizers announced the accord, reached Friday, on various social media platforms and with a press release earlier today.
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Talking SimCity and Centipede With the Curator of the Video-Game Theater Fest

Above: “Harold Pinter’s Duck Hunt,” from the 2010 festival.

8-Bit villains, roleplaying heroes, and an evil queen who wants to destroy Earth by boring its gamers to death — these are not sort of things we usually see on stage. But the people behind Game Play, a three-week-long theater festival celebrating games and the people who play them, know that the best theater has no time for reality.
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Wafels & Dinges Café Is OPEN and Serving Milkshakes, Coffee, and…Lox Waffles?

(Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

(Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

The insanely popular Wafels & Dinges truck opened its first brick-and-mortar location this morning at 2nd Street and Avenue B, and owner Thomas DeGeest hopes it’ll function primarily as a neighborhood coffee shop.
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Watch Zosia Mamet of ‘Girls’ Play With Some Fake Boobs

Saturday, The Cabin Sisters played a set at the Grand Victory in Williamsburg. The folk duo has two claims to fame: one is that Zosia Mamet of “Girls” and “Mad Men” is a Cabin Sister. (The other sister is Clara Mamet, an actress on ABC’s “The Neighbors.”)
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‘You Yell, You Scream, and Then… What?’: Trayvon Martin Rally Ends in 12 to 20 Arrests

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.57.12 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.57.12 AM

<strong>Derek Wilson</strong>

Derek Wilson

"I came out last night as soon as I heard the verdict and I've been up all night, just riding around on Citi Bikes, trying to make sense of things."

<strong>Emily De La Cruz</strong>

Emily De La Cruz

"America is made this way. It will never change. You yell, you scream, and then... what? This could happen to you. I'm here because I don't want to kill anyone, I couldn't kill anyone. All I can do is give voice to my anger."

<strong>Busayo Olupona</strong>

Busayo Olupona

"Strange Fruit is from the Billie Holiday song evoking lynchings, though she sang only about 'Southern trees.' I have a brother in his late 20s. He's a very large black man. He'd never hurt anybody, but how is supposed to act? What are young black boys supposed to do?"

<strong>Yahshua Perez (left), with niece and son</strong>

Yahshua Perez (left), with niece and son

"I'm here because what happened is wrong, and because I want to show respect for Trayvon."

<strong>John Pasmore and Grayden</strong>

John Pasmore and Grayden

"The verdict clearly was wrong, and I'm trying to explain to my six-year-old why it was wrong. It's time to start having that uncomfortable conversation, about why a person who committed such a terrible crime can walk free."

<strong>Regina Ripley</strong>

Regina Ripley

"I'm not a professional protestor, I'm just a mom from New Jersey. But I was so shocked and disgusted by the verdict I just had to come out."

<strong>Laura Heywood</strong>

Laura Heywood

"Yeah it's hot in this hoodie, but it's not a bad idea today to remind yourself what a little discomfort feels like."

<strong>June Grey (left)</strong>

June Grey (left)

"It's scary being the father of young black male. Anything can happen, because young black men are seen as disposable to in this society. America just throws them away with no consequences. This is how it is. The system isn't broken, it's doing what it's supposed to do."

<strong>Kim Montague and Scarlet</strong>

Kim Montague and Scarlet

"We came down today because I feel for Trayvon's parents."

<strong>Kelly King</strong>

Kelly King

"Florida is not behaving as part of our democracy, so maybe it should be treated like South Africa during Apartheid. Don't go there on vacation. Don't buy OJ or any other Florida products. They need to be more conscious of their actions, and this is a way to contribute to the discussion."

<strong>Daniel Damascas Kimery</strong>

Daniel Damascas Kimery

"If we can't get justice in the court we'll get justice in the streets!"

<strong>Ashley Johnson (right)</strong>

Ashley Johnson (right)

"All of these people were unarmed, and killed, and there was no justice. And when the NYPD isn't brought to justice for killing an unarmed black person, it send a signal to everyone else that they can get away with it, too. Remember: Zimmerman was a wannabe cop."

Yesterday, thousands of New Yorkers poured into Union Square to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

We spoke to some of those who showed up in the afternoon, and you can find out what brought them there by clicking through the slideshow above. For many, the chants of “No justice, no peace!” and “The system is guilty, it freed George Zimmerman!” continued into the night and then into the wee hours during a march from the East Village to the Bronx.
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Watch It Live: 6pm Trayvon Martin Rally in Union Square

Earlier today we brought you video and photos from a 2pm rally protesting the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. We now return to Union Square to livestream a protest scheduled for 6pm. (Apologies in advance for the quality of the stream — we’re working on it.)

Update 7:30pm: Our livestream is down and we’re tweeting at @bedbow instead. For a good livestream of the march — which spilled onto Broadway, moved over to Third Avenue, and is currently near 23rd and Third Avenue — check out Eye on the Ground’s stream.