Affordable Housing Rush in Greenpoint; Skinny Dennis Opens a New Bar


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Julian Acevedo, the now 45-year-old driver allegedly involved in a Williamsburg hit-and-run accident that killed an expectant Hasidic couple in March 2013, has been given an October 14 trial date. [NY Post]

Yesterday afternoon, 60 firefighters were dispatched to a Clymer Street in Williamsburg after a maintenance worker at a synagogue received an electric shock while changing lightbulbs. The man was hospitalized with burns on his hand, said the FDNY. [DNA Info]

Shake Shack will reportedly make an IPO as soon as this year with help from JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. [Business Insider]
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J Franks Is At It Again, East German Westerns, And ’60s Afronauts

Check out the flicks we’re Reel Psyched to see this week.

Oh boy, get ready for this one: Franco combines his passion for porn and documentary as the producer of Kink– which takes us behind the scenes at, “the Internet’s largest producer of BDSM content.” Apparently the film does a good deal of cheerleading for, which is a relatively open and “normal” operation compared to the rest of the fetish industry. J Franks himself will be on site and ready for an audience Q+A  after Friday’s 9:55 pm screening. Friday August 22nd through Tuesday August 26 at IFC Center, 323 6th avenue; tickets, $14
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Readings and Talks: Secret Societies, Southron Turncloaks and Storytellers

Since everyone cool/loaded has left the city for a summer get-away and you’re still here, what better way to pass these lazy days than by learning to battle the Illuminati, showing off your mad fanboy language skillz or getting acquainted with Emperor Augustus. 

Thursday August 21

dearbetter copyJulie Schumacher + Ethan Rutherford
Dear Committee Members, Julie Schumacher’s eighth novel, is an epistolary satire of academia that has been earning—as the title of a Slate review puts it, “Strongest possible endorsement.” Made up of letters of recommendation written by a beleaguered literature professor (whose promising career in fiction is now just a fading memory), the book is a bitingly witty portrait of a dying English department and the embittered man who dwells in its decomposing innards.  Keep Reading »

Broad City Wigged Out On St. Marks Again

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

For the third night in a row, Broad City took over St. Marks Place, bringing faux punks, afropunks, and at least one steampunk in full Victorian regalia to the block. We watched a scene in which Ilana, in a “Female Body Inspector” shirt, and Abbi, in a “Challah Back” tee, bolted across the street, rolled over the hood of cab, and continued on their way.
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Williamsburger Calls 911 Over 400 Times; Charlie Parker Jazz Fest

Icy and Sot

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A 45-second video recorded last night at the corner of E.10th Street and Avenue D captured what some claim is another act of police brutality: a cop pinning down a man protesting in solidarity with Michael Brown. [NY Daily News]

Police are looking for 31-year-old Alphabet City woman Melissa Morales, who has been missing since July 7. Morales is five-foot-seven and 200 pounds, and was last seen wearing multi-colored pants near her apartment at 99 Avenue C, near 7th Street. [Town & Village Blog]

According to the attorney of Louis Segna—the 53-year-old Williamsburg man found guilty yesterday of placing more than 400 911 calls to report fake crimes such as a subway explosion—the impetus for his client’s calls was the “influx of hipsters in the area.” [NY Daily News]
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Multitask This Weekend At Brunch


A new monthly upscale flea market returns to Bushwick this weekend. The design team from the Moves Concept Store in Williamsburg have teamed up with the health goths of Whatever 21 to bring you a super stimulated brunch-time event at Tandem this Saturday. Some other local designers and boutiques will be selling their frocks as well, including Something Happening Shop, and Sir New York.
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Honey, I Shrunk Basquiat!


4″ Basquiat Munny by Julissa Lopez

In case you missed out on your chance to score a Basquiat beanie, we’ve got you covered. Local artist Julissa Lopez has a Basquiat Munny for sale, and it can be yours for a measly $300.

Lopez started painting Munny dolls after a friend introduced her to the vinyl figurines, made by Kidrobot, two years ago. With a background in makeup artistry, she got her hands on the dolls and decided to add clay to make them more life-like. She molds the clay onto the four-inch-tall vinyl figurines, then bakes them and paints over them with acrylic paint.
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Catch Three of Cinema’s Most Audacious Auteurs in Coversation

Three out-there filmmakers are getting out of the directors chair and into the hot seat next month.

Werner Herzog (Flickr user "erinc salor") John Waters (David Shankbone), Darren Aronofsky (Dkandell)

Werner Herzog (Flickr user “erinc salor”) John Waters (David Shankbone), Darren Aronofsky (Dkandell)

John Waters in conversation with Dennis Dermody and J Hoberman
Sept. 5 and 11, Walter Reade Theater, 165 West 65 Street
After regaling us with his Christmas list, the filmmaker who shocked/delighted the world with the poo-eating in Pink Flamingos is having a retrospective at Lincoln Center that will include a rare scratch-n-sniff screening of Polyester. The whole shebang kicks off Sept. 5 with a screening of Female Trouble, followed by a conversation between Waters and film critic J Hoberman.
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