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Throwback Italian Deli Promises Food Just Like Nonna Used to Make

Credit: Nico Eyes.

Following on the recent news of Greenwich Village eatery Dante’s expansion to a second location in Little Italy comes another development of interest to fans of Italian cuisine.

Today is the grand opening of Regina’s Grocery, an Italian-American comfort-food joint at 27 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side, next door to The Fat Radish.

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Spread the Blerd: Black Nerds Get a Con of Their Own

(Photo courtesy of Blerd City Con)

Black nerds unite!

There’s no shortage of black nerds a.k.a. blerds and there’s a bunch of black writers, actors, and artists, but there’s definitely a lack of representation in popular nerd cultureit’s been 19 years since Marvel has made a new film with a black protagonistand in conventions. That’s where Clairesa Clay and Blerd City Con come in.

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Let Me Float Something By You: Iced Coffee + Soft-Serve Ice Cream

According to, it is NOT iced coffee weather in the East Village today, but “things are looking better in 6 hours.” When the flood waters do part, you might want to know about the iced coffee float at Cafe Zaiya. The Japanese bakery and takeout spot on Cooper Square recently closed down for a quickie renovation and reopened yesterday with some rustic countertops and bento boxes from East Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Ball Factory. Among the new offerings is the coffee float you see up top. It’s the height of simplicity– iced drip coffee topped with some swirls of soft-serve ice cream– but if feels so good when it hits the lips. Is it iced coffee float weather yet?

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Cornelia Street Cafe Celebrated 40 Years of ‘Coffeehouse Conversation’

Attendees of Cornelia St Cafe’s 40th Anniversary Party, 7/4/16 at 5pm. (Photo: Nick McManus)

Greenwich Village’s creative flame burned bright this Independence Day as Cornelia Street Cafe celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The cafe, which has been serving food along with performances of all kinds since the neighborhood’s bohemian heyday, took over its sleepy one-block stretch for an afternoon of music, memories and lots of rosé.

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Webster Hall Doc Seeks Kickstarter Funds; Brooklyn Mirage Descends onto W-Burg

Webster Hall stage hands launched a $15K Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about the 131-year-old East Village venue, which will temporarily close next month for updates by new management. [EV Grieve]

Check out a rendering of the 12-story residence that will occupy Moscot’s former corner on Delancey Street. [NY YIMBY]

On N. 11th Street, 10 subsidized apartments will rent to lucky lottery winners for between $722 and $900/month. [DNA Info] Keep Reading »

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A Massive Art Party Is Taking Over an Abandoned Mansion This Weekend

From You Are So Lucky’s Halloween party in Alder Manor last fall. Credit: Alex Nero.

When they arrive at You Are So Lucky, the mysterious three-day spectacle this weekend in which “125 artists, musicians, and performers are taking over an abandoned gothic manor at the edge of the city,” the first thing attendees will see are the sprawling 33-acre grounds of a 72-room Gilded Age mansion overlooking the Hudson.

In some ways the venue itself is the headliner, said renowned underground party impresario Will Etundi, one of the organizers. “The grounds are incredible. Grass at your feet, the open sky, a sweeping view of the Palisades,” he said. “It feels like you are in a fairy tale, with old mansions, trees, old statuary, rock formations….You are right on the edge of New York City but it feels like you are a few hundred miles, and a few hundred years, away.”

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Union Hall Bounces Back From Fire With a Comeback Party

(Photo: Evan Sung)

Bring on the bocce!

Union Hall is reopening its upstairs bar with a party on July 21. The beloved Park Slope venue was forced to close after a fire broke out in the roof on March 24. No one was hurt and its basement was able to reopen in May, but the library-like upstairs has been on the mend. Now it’s set to reopen with “a few new couches but the same great vibe,” according to a statement by owner Jim Carden.

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Toshi Salvino Is a ‘Living Doll’– and Definitely Not the American Girl Kind

(Photo: Kassandra Leigh)

When Toshi Salvino met me at a café in East Williamsburg, she sported wide-striped tights, chunky platform boots, black shorts, and a black t-shirt portraying an aurora-colored robotic goddess courtesy of Heather Hermann, an artist who worked under Yoshitaka Amano. Her bubblegum-pink hair was coiffed in a casual updo, and embellished by several ribbon-shaped barrettes. She had dotted her face with freckles and her eye makeup was vaguely reminiscent of Natalie Portman’s Black Swan; she wore a mauve metallic lipstick, which would make any other person look like Laura Palmer’s corpse.

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A ‘Fair’ Roger Ailes Memorial, The Secret Life of Plants, and More Art This Week

Rochelle Feinstein, The Week in Hate, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 by 38 inches (via yours mine & ours)

The Roger Ailes Memorial Show: Fair and Balanced
Opening Thursday, July 6 at yours mine & ours, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through August 4.

When news surfaced that Roger Ailes of Fox News had departed this earthly plane, certain left-leaning pockets of the internet reacted similarly to the announcement that longtime Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia had kicked the bucket. That is, they were not mourning in the typical sense, unless your regular mourning routine includes Twitter jokes and dances of joy. Now, a little over a month since he passed, LES gallery yours mine & ours will be gathering an array of artists to memorialize the man. And remember, being memorialized may have a positive connotation, but it merely means that people are publicly remembering what you did.

A press release for the show has opted not to include a traditional exhibition description, instead reprinting in full an essay by Monica Lewinsky that ran in The New York Times on May 22, 2017. Entitled “Roger Ailes’s Dream Was My Nightmare,” Lewinsky articulates for many paragraphs how Ailes and Fox was one of the first to incessantly cover her sexual involvement with Bill Clinton in a way that she writes made her “[cease] being a three-dimensional person.” The fact that this exhibition elected to uplift a woman’s story instead of trumpet about its own prestige should give you a clue of what’s in store. Keep Reading »

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Alleged LES Groper Charged; Two Clinton Street Businesses Bow Out

Lower East Side tenant Daniel Young, 30, has been charged with groping an eight-year-old girl in an Essex Street courtyard one month ago. [DNA Info]

One of future Rikers resident Steve Croman’s East Village real estate partners filed a lawsuit yesterday in Manhattan State Supreme Court to block Edward Croman from assuming his son’s managerial duties. [The Real Deal]

Two Boots Pizza founders Phil Hartman and Doris Kornish, who broke up nearly three decades ago, are in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings on the five-story East Village townhouse they once shared. [Wall Street Journal] Keep Reading »

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&pizza Is Latest DC-Based Chain to Hit Astor Place

(Courtesy of &pizza)

As East Villagers prepare to rally against a Starbucks coming to the corner of St. Marks Place and Avenue A, yet another chain is on the way. Washington, DC-based &pizza is opening its second Manhattan pizzeria, on the heals of a $25 million cash investment footing its expansion into the NYC market.

The shop at 740 Broadway, off of Astor Place, will open in fall of 2017 with a promotion offering free ampersand tattoos for the first 23 customers, according to a press release. It’s opening just a couple of doors down from another DC-based, feel-good chain, Sweetgreen, which opened at 10 Astor last August.

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