CBGB? CMJ? OMG! Your Guide to The Acronym Invasion

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In the coming weeks a flurry of acronyms approacheth the city as CMJ and the CBGB music festival make landfall. Both apparently used to stand for something cool. It’s safe to open your ears now, because we promise our picks have developed a special antibody rendering them resistant to a case of the lames which develops in conjunction with Apple collaborations and/or the advanced stage of Music Industrial Complex infection.
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Bushwick Just Got a CrossFit Gym or Box or Whatever

(Bushwick Crossfit's FB page.)

(Bushwick Crossfit’s FB page.)

We won’t pretend to understand CrossFit, but you may want to know about this if you’re a Bushwicker who knows what a “burpee” is (apparently it’s not what you do after pounding a Tecate and slamming back a shot too fast). If, for whatever reason, you’ve been dying to hump a medicine ball and issue primal grunts in the company of fellow aspiring Hulks, you can now do so at Bushwick CrossFit.
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Richard Hell’s New Performance Series Should Be a Hell of a Time

(Photo: Nicole Batchelor Regne)

Punk legend Richard Hell doesn’t seem to get out much, but in the next months he’ll be all the way uptown, hosting a series at Symphony Space. According to an email he just sent out, he’ll be conducting pre-performance interviews with artists like Donald Cumming of the Virgins (“one of the most innately talented NYC rock and roll/pop musician/singer/songwriters to come up in the oughts,” he says) and Lydia Loveless (“the only singer/songwriter the power of whose music and voice consistently makes me cry”).
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Dig These Fossilized Bics, Picks and Drumsticks

(Photos: Claudia Prat, unless noted.)

(Photos: Clàudia Prat, unless noted)

Let’s face it, CBGB is long gone — even if organizers of this month’s CBGB Festival are trying to bring it back in the form of a LES club and, um, a microdistillery. But across the street from its old location, rock and roll can never die — thanks to some ceramic microphones, drumsticks and bottles of Jack.
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Movie Set Robbed in Greenpoint; Judah Friedlander Dislikes EV’s ‘Dumb Party Vibe’

Os Gemeos 2009 Bowery Wall: Selfie

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

In Greenpoint, 17 iPads and two laptops were included in a loot of $17,800 in goods taken from from the set of the CBS series Madam Secretary Friday afternoon around 1 p.m. [NY Post]

Police say this man (who claimed to have a gun) stole $1,080 Saturday afternoon from the Chase Bank that replaced the East Village’s 2nd Avenue Deli. [Gothamist]

Community Board 1 recommended the denial of a liquor license for Williamsburg’s future second Starbucks location. [The Brooklyn Paper]

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Petition Asks Domino Developers to Chill With the Weekend Construction

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

A meeting on Tuesday regarding the impending Domino development on Williamsburg’s waterfront was a reminder to residents just how close construction looms. There was the usual push-and-pull between the developers and residents, but Two Trees and the locals reached something of an impasse on the issue of Saturday construction, scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. as soon as the first building is underway.
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Manhattan Is Getting a Matcha Cafe, Too

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

When MatchaBar opened in Williamsburg last month, it touted itself as the only matcha cafe in the city. But it won’t be for long. B+B contributor Jenna Marotta tipped us off to another one “opening soon” at 223 East Fourth Street.

Per a sign in the window of the sliver of a space between Avenues A and B, Matcha Bar Wabi will be selling shots of the trendy Japanese green tea, matcha lattes, and espresso and lattes made with beans roasted by Stone Street Coffee Company. There will also be sweets and green tea ice cream. Plus, a “local artists show” as well as classes like “Let’s Learn About Japanese Food,” “How to Make Specialty Coffee,” and more.

We’ll keep you posted as the opening date nears.

Someone Finally Psychoanalyzed NYC’s Wackiest Street Performer

You may not know his name(s) but you definitely know Matthew Silver, aka the Great Performer, aka the Village Idot, aka the Man in the White Dress, aka this year’s Mr. Lower East Side. He’s the crazy-eyed carrot-top who strips down to a speedo in Union Square and terrifies tourists by playing with props like a rubber chicken and an ostrich costume, all the while promoting the “wackadoodle love movement.”
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Susan Sarandon at Rocky Horror, Revenge of Walrus Man, and Nazi Zombies Return

Hey! There’s tons of stuff happening this week in the moving-picture world.

New York Super Week
IFC is screening a smorgasbord of stuff this upcoming week in anticipation of NYC Comicon including “sneak previews of new movies and revivals of action, animated and genre classics, as well as special appearances by filmmakers and creators” — neat-o stuff for nerds, basically. Keep Reading »

I Survived ‘Nightmare: New York,’ the NYC-Themed Haunted House

(Photo: Michael Blase)

(Photo: Michael Blase)

I am terrified of haunted houses because they usually include the things that I find to be most terrifying: People leaping out from around corners, people screaming something in your ear, teamwork of some sort, and theater majors running at you from down a hallway. None the less, I still very much enjoy going to them because I get a great deal of pleasure out of being in uncomfortable situations. Being in a uncomfortable situation, for me, is the same as going to a day spa because it cancels everything out to zero. You’re there. Things are happening to you. And you don’t have to think about anything else.
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