On St. Marks, a Souped-Up, Not-So-Dumpy Spot for Soup Dumplings


If Chinatown’s new dumpling spot in a deli is a little too homegrown for you, you may feel more at home at The Bao, which opened on St. Marks yesterday. The East Village offshoot of Flushing’s two-year-old Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao specializes — as the name implies – in soup dumplings a la Joe’s Shanghai. The vibe, however, is considerably less dumpy than your average dumpling house.
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Fast-Food Freakout in Union Square; Scar-Jo Dines in Williamsburg

Nick Kuszyk, RRobots, on Rag and Bone

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Passersby who came across a bleeding pit bull on Meeker Avenue in Greenpoint early last night believe the dog may have been thrown from a car driving along the BQE. Police are investigating, and the dog—who suffered a broken tooth, a collapsed lung, and an injured front leg—is expected to make a full recovery. [DNA Info]

Nicholas Melendez, 23, was arrested for assault after allegedly punching and slapping an employee at the Union Square McDonald’s last week. [Town & Village Blog]

More than 600 people have contributed $41K+ via Kickstarter. to help former Williamsburg event space House of Yes reopen in Bushwick, where the owners have signed a 10-year lease. Eight days remain in the fundraiser, which aims to raise $60K. [Gothamist]

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This Is Bananas: Nico West Has Written 32 Songs About Fruit

artworks-000085154000-mvqti8-t500x500When Nico West emailed to tell us about his “all-fruit rock show,” we were like it’s a date! On Aug. 3 at Goodbye Blue Monday and on Aug. 9 at Sidewalk Cafe, the Columbia student will play songs off of The Fruit EP, in which he sings about cantaloupe (“the favorite fruit of the Pope”), avocado (“I don’t care if you’re a fruit or a veg, you’re the only fruit that can talk me off the ledge”), bananas (“there’s so many dick jokes to make”) and also that non-fruit, the tomato (“stay the fuck away from my fruit salads”).
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Spymaster Secrets, Library Porn, and Broad City-Style Comedy

This week’s talks and readings: some heavy stuff, ending in laughs.

Wednesday, July 30

The Gatekeepers Screening
When The Gatekeepers was first released in 2012, NY Times film critic A.O. Scott recognized the Israeli documentary’s import. “It is hard,” he wrote, “to imagine a movie about the Middle East that could be more timely, more painfully urgent, more challenging to conventional wisdom on all sides of the conflict.” Several years later, as the war in Gaza stretches into its third week with no signs of abating, that urgency has if anything only become more pronounced. Keep Reading »

Whee! Free Sandwiches! Free Cupcakes!

(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

Earlier today Schnitz, the aptly-named schnitzel shop in the East Village, told us they’d be giving away Bamberg (chicken shnitzel) and Sweet Onion sandwiches to their first 80 customers this afternoon. As of right now, they have 10 Sweet Onion and two Bambergs left. If you’re not reading this on the Bedford + Bowery app, within a couple of blocks from Shnitz, don’t worry— tomorrow Prohibition Bakery is giving away free pina colada cupcakes, while supplies last.
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Montana’s Trail House Is Either ‘A Very Bad Place’ or ‘Something Pretty Special’

(Photo courtesy of Montana's Trail House)

(Photo courtesy of Montana’s Trail House)

It’s rare that a restaurant gets a rave and gets called depraved within 24 hours, but Montana’s Trail House has managed to do just that. Which goes to show just how divisive North Brooklyn’s going trends can be.
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Clayton Patterson Will Be at the Pyramid, Not in the Alps

Back when The Times triggered laments of “RIP LES” by reporting that Clayton Patterson was leaving the neighborhood for the Austrian Alps, we knew we wouldn’t be seeing the last of the legendary documentarian — and he told us as much. So it’s no surprise to hear that Patterson is teaming up with DAMEHT — the band that put on his farewell exhibit, “The $16 Dollar Burger Show” — for a show at Pyramid Club this Friday.
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