There Are Many Sides to Olga Bell of Dirty Projectors, Playing Solo at BAM Tonight

Outro 1
Olga Bell both disrobed and dressed up for her latest music video, released Thursday from one of her experimental side projects, “nothankyou.” The Williamsburg (via Russia and Alaska) singer-songwriter appears first in the video as a bare-chested brunette, then as a demure version of herself in glasses, and finally in a blond wig. At the end, all three characters stand side by side, and it’s clear they’re all Bell.
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Here’s Your Chance to Buy Designer Clothing Without Bankrupting Yourself

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.16.50 PMIf, every morning, the burning thought on your mind is, “If only I were filthy rich so I could support my obsession with designer clothing!” then we have got some topical news for you. Next Saturday, September 28, you can sate your extravagant sartorial tastes and leave your cash (or most of it) behind, because our friends at Hester Street Fair will host its fourth annual Stylist Tent Event and offer top-of-the-line garbs at “flea market” prices.
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America May Run on Dunkin’, But Williamsburg Clearly Does Not

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.12.32 PM

Signage recently went up informing the ‘Burg that a Dunkin’ Donuts is coming to the corner of North 7th Street and Bedford Avenue, replacing the old Northside Pharmacy. The reaction was instantaneous: “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” someone scrawled on the banner yesterday. The Twitterverse had its say, too, and most Tweeters were, uh, noticeably frustrated. Here now are the top ten reactions to the Dunkin’. Keep Reading »

There’s a Place Where Strippers, Bikers and Hipsters Meet


What happens when you turn a classic biker clubhouse into a venue where hipsters mingle with Bushwick natives? Locust. Recently, this hush-hush locale off the JMZ has seen some of the area’s best performers, DJs, promoters and parties pass through each Thursday. The stripper stage is always leather-clad and stacked. Artists, rappers and club kids dance under the whir of bubble machines. Dice scatter across the bar while skate videos play on the monitors. Last week, an ex-convict turned magician taught me a quarter trick and a woman named Fish offered intoxicated but valuable life counsel. All nights beside Thursdays, however, Locust transforms back into a clubhouse (strictly) for Puerto Rican bikers and co.
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Tuesday, Watch This Doc About the Gritty Old LES + Meet the Man Who Captured It

Untitled-3We’re pleased to announce the first of several screenings at the Bedford + Bowery Newsroom. And it’s the first for a reason: Captured, a documentary chronicling Clayton Patterson’s long, strange trip, is one of the most riveting, in-your-face portraits of the East Village and Lower East Side of the ’80s and ’90s you’re likely to encounter. Patterson is known as a street photographer, but he ain’t no Bill Cunningham: this is, after all, the guy who landed in jail and on Oprah after filming the Tompkins Square Park riots 25 years ago. He remains an icon to the neighborhood longtimers he has photographed over the years and to a new crop of downtown dreamers (check out the mystical portal that Nicolina just put up on the door of his Essex Street gallery). We’re pleased he’ll be on hand to discuss a film that will throw you back hard. Refreshments will be served and the screening is free; seating is limited so please let us know you’re coming.

You’re Probably Going to Blow Your Life Savings On Vinyl in the Next Months

Untitled-4Cassettes are great and all but let’s face it, nothing beats plonking some vinyl onto a turntable and hearing some Hawaiian luau music crackle to life. On the off-chance you didn’t already blow all your walking-around money on the NYPL’s everything-must-go sale, you’ll probably want to know that two of the city’s bigger record fairs are coming up.
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Astor Place Redesign Begins; Brooklyn Rocks at ‘Staten Island Prices’

Shout Shit Out

The proposed Warhol Museum (Photo: Curbed)

Astor Place – cool in that neglected kind of way – is getting a major revamp from the City. Over two years, Astor Place Subway Island,  “Alamo Island” (home to that big black cube) and Cooper Triangle will get an 8,000 square foot plaza, 64 trees, thousands of square feet of “new plantings” and 113 new CitiBikes – and maybe turn those barren islands into an urban oasis. [EV Grieve]

A car that failed to yield to emergency vehicles in Greenpoint this afternoon struck an ambulance at the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Huron Street. Three were injured in the collision, one seriously. [DNAinfo] Keep Reading »

And Now It’s the Beep’s Turn to Weigh In On Greenpoint’s Waterfront Towers

With Community Board 1 having weighed in on what could be 5,000 new housing units headed for the Greenpoint waterfront, it was the Borough President’s turn last night to hop on board the project’s lengthy civic vetting process.

Residents, city officials and representatives of 77 Commercial Street filled the Borough President’s courtroom and gave testimony before members of Marty Markowitz’s office.
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The City Has Revealed Its Plans For 6 Acres on the LES, and a Warhol Museum Is Involved

The proposed Warhol Museum (Photo: Curbed)

The proposed Warhol Museum (Photo: Curbed)

The fate of six acres of vacant land at the corner of Delancey and Essex was finally revealed today. City officials and developers have dubbed the massive new multi-purpose development Essex Crossing, which, let’s be honest, kind of sounds like a mall in Ohio. Though it has a slightly more pleasant ring to it than SPURA (the Seward Park Urban Renewal Project), or the larger development project. Essex Crossing is the result of a decades-long stalemate in the battle between neighborhood residents and politicians over what to do with this gray patch of grit in the LES cityscape.
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This New Street Vendor Stuffs Empanadas for Vegheads and Meat Lovers Alike

Photo: Luloo Flynn.

Photo: Evan Mann.

While traveling through Central and South America, Luloo Flynn came across an array of exciting cuisines. But as a vegetarian, she resisted indulging in a great deal of the local food. “Empanadas in most Latin American countries are made with animal lard, so even the veggie-filled ones were a no-go for me,” she explains. “Food is obviously so important and is a true reflection of a region.”
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Sure, Your Office Has a Water Cooler, But Does It Have a 3D Printer?

The new high-tech creative work space at 319 Scholes.

The new high-tech creative work space at 319 Scholes (Photo: 319 Scholes)

These days, a lot of creative work emerges at the intersection of artistic impulse and new technology: think 3D printing and paper sculptures cut from lasers. Problem is, the tools to make it cost a lot of money, and artists aren’t known for having a ton of that.

Now 319 Scholes, an exhibition space in Bushwick, is doing its part to fix that problem. Keep Reading »