Watch Mr. Throwback Go-Kart Back Through Time

Everyone’s favorite connoisseur of all things retro and nostalgic, Mr. Throwback, gives us his weekly blast from the past.

Whether you’re a Toad, a Peach or a Bowser, most agree that Super Mario Kart is one of if not the best video games of all time (According to Guinness it is. They granted the Super Mario Kart series top billing in their top 50 console games. The rankings were awarded based on “initial impact and lasting legacy”). Launched in Japan on August 27, 1992, the game features Mario, Luigi and their pals fighting for first and deploying red shells at anyone who stands in their way. Watch as Mr. Throwback takes on the classic Mario circuit with his preferred character, Toad.

Want to Go Dogsledding and Gondola Tripping With Some Indie Bands?

Last week Coachella announced its 2014 lineup; yesterday, Governor’s Ball did the same. It’s January and we’re only a few days out from single-digit temperatures, but the summer festival season already seems upon us. With it comes a live music experience that eschews such luxuries as sound quality, intimacy and sight lines so that bros can fist pump hundreds of yards from where Muse are playing. Sometimes it’s fun. But sometimes a smaller, more intimate experience is even better.
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East Village Florist Dies; 2,000-Capacity Venue Bound For East Williamsburg


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

The East Village florist who was struck by a drunk, high and speeding driver in June has died while on life support. [NY Daily News]

Police may have found the minivan used to abduct Williamsburg developer Menachem Stark. [NY Times]

Nearly $1.2 million in “unauthorized” withdrawals were made from Stark’s corporate bank account in the weeks before he died. [Newsday]
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After 17 Years, This Spot For LES and East Village Shirts Is Folding

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

In today’s heartbreaking irony, First Avenue’s urban wear institution Burkina, known for its T-shirts saluting the East Village and LES, is closing its doors on Monday. Previously located at 177 East Houston for fifteen years, the shop relocated to its current outpost due to the expansion of the restaurant Preserve 24. Now Burkina is packing up its T-shirts for good, even the ones boasting slogans like “Certified Money Maker” and “Fuck You Pay Me.”
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Naked Girls Gave This Man an Award and Will Read From His Book Tonight

(Photo: Kimberlee Hewitt)

It’s hard out there for a first-time novelist, but this one’s naked ambition paid off. Bradley Spinelli recently snagged the Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors for Killing Williamsburg, and tonight naked girls will read from his noir novel about a rash of mysterious deaths in early-aughts Billyburg. It’s not Questlove performing a “suicide set” but we’re sure Spinelli will take it.
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