Artists & Fleas Will Be Jumping With Vintage Vendors Next Weekend

Clothing from Gypsy Nation Vintage (Photo by Martha Camarillo, Courtesy of Artists & Fleas)

Clothing from Gypsy Nation Vintage (Photo by Martha Camarillo, Courtesy of Artists & Fleas)

Few things are less New York than watching Seattle and Denver play football in New Jersey over a 30-pack of Milwaukee’s Best. So start Super Bowl weekend with something singular to the city — a vintage flea market in Williamsburg.

More than 20 visiting vendors will display clothes, gems and bric-a-brac at Destination: Vintage, which takes over the Artists & Fleas warehouse space on N. 7th Street next Saturday and Sunday. The selection of available items will span seven decades, from the 1920s to the 1990.
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Brooklyn Brewery Wants You to Experience Its Experiments

(Courtesy Brooklyn Brewery)

The Brooklyn Brewery is busy as ever. First, the Williamsburg brewmasters just announced the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, a new series of limited-edition bottles dedicated to the brewery’s one-off experiments, which heretofore they’ve mostly kept to themselves. According to a blog post, these are bottle-conditioned specialty brews, requiring a “little more incubation and a whole lot of tender love and care.” You’re unlikely to see them too often on shelves.
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Police Say This Guy Robbed Someone While Posing As a Cop

(Photo: NYPD)

(Photo: NYPD)

While you’re on the look-out for the bald, mustachioed scam artist, keep an eye out for this gent as well.

Police say that on the night of Dec. 15, he walked into the Maoz Vegetarian at 59 East 8th Street — an NYU hang — and approached a couple of customers sitting at a table. He told them he was an undercover cop and asked to see one of the guys’ wallet and ID. The victim, a 19-year-old, handed over some cash and the fake flatfoot gave only some of it back before taking off, police say.

The suspect is wanted for criminal impersonation.

Never fun when you go for a falafel and leave feeling awful.

At Sundance, Appropriate Behavior Lovingly Skewers Park Slope and Bushwick

On its face, writer-director-filmmaker Desiree Akhavan’s first film, Appropriate Behavior, is about common lesbian experiences: the struggle to come out, tussles with identity, and what happens when a relationship fails as a result. But as the film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, the audience response happened just as often around the film’s examination of person as of place.
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Kay Kasparhauser Of The Prettiots On Ukuleles and Bubble-Gum Fetishists

Rachel Trachtenburg, Lulu Prat & Kay Kasparhauser. Photo: Colin Dodgson

Rachel Trachtenburg, Lulu Prat & Kay Kasparhauser. Photo: Colin Dodgson

Anyone who plays the ukulele and admits to having worn neon bathing suits in high school is fine by us, which is why we’re like, totally 100% behind Kay Kasparhauser, frontwoman of local band The Prettiots. Though Kasparhauser says she “wouldn’t be disappointed or insulted if someone underestimated us and thought we were just some kids making pop,” there’s a sense of charm and self-awareness – particularly to their lyrics – that makes The Prettiots much more than that.
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Caveman Played a ‘Super Secret’ Show Last Night

Caveman playing at R Bar last night, courtesy of Bedford + Bowery's Instagram

Caveman playing at R Bar last night, courtesy of Bedford + Bowery’s Instagram

Local favorites Caveman played a “super secret” free show at R Bar yesterday evening, largely to bid farewell to their pals before heading out on tour with Phosphorescent. It was, in the words of Caveman guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti, “great vibes” all around… perhaps because members of the band had indulged in their invented beverage, The Gauntlet.
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Pizza, Beer and Bongs Coming to Graham Avenue


(Photo: Anthony Pappalardo)


If you live off the Graham stop you’re either a Tony’s or Carmine’s pizza loyalist. But Carmine’s closed for renovations on January 1 so it could work on a full bar and pizzeria next door — one that’s aimed to cater to New York sports fans and is sure to be heavy on Yankees ephemera if the decor at Carmine’s is any indicator. Though the plans for Carmine’s Sports Bar were announced early last year and the banner above the entrance way still states a Fall 2013 opening, the space is still largely a work in progress.
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Sasheer Zamata’s Girls Tour; Video of 285 Kent’s Last Shows

Street drum

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Watch Sasheer Zamata, who made her SNL debut Saturday, give a Girls tour of Greenpoint. [NY Observer]

Speaking of Girls, Lena Dunham is defending Vogue against Jezebel, which stirred up some controversy by publishing unretrouched photos from her recent shoot with the mag: “Vogue isn’t the place that we go to look at realistic women, Vogue is the place that we go to look at beautiful clothes and fancy places and escapism and so I feel like if the story reflects me and I happen to be wearing a beautiful Prada dress and surrounded by beautiful men and dogs, what’s the problem?” [Today]

During the final show at 285 Kent, Fucked Up’s lead singer shared a fond memory: “Last time we played here it was like a million degrees, and I vomited outside.” [NY Times]
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Karley ‘Slutever’ Sciortino and Dev Hynes on Girls: ‘She’s in ConTroll’

Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.


Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO


Karley Sciortino takes a selfie in her Williamsburg apartment

The text in blue belongs to Karley Sciortino. Based in Williamsburg, Karley is best known for her filter-less blog, Slutever, on which she doles out anecdotes and advice about sex and sexuality. She frequently contributes to Vice and Purple and has recently launched a twice-monthly column for entitled Breathless.
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