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Read an Excerpt From Kim Gordon’s Memoir, Then See Her at Strand

UnknownIf you’re still kind of devastated that you weren’t there to see Broad City chat with Sleater Kinney, relax: the whole thing is online plus you’ve got another couple of chances to recoup your riot grrrl cred. First off, in an equally epic meeting of the minds, Lena Dunham is going to be chatting with Miranda July tomorrow, and somehow there are still tickets left (BAM just announced that July will be singing copies of her new novel after the event). And also: the Strand just announced that none other than Kim Gordon is coming to chat about her memoir, out in about a month.
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Come And Play With Hotsy-Totsy Burlesque As They Honor Stephen King

(Photo courtesy of Woodrocket)

From “The Shining” by Lee Roy Myers (Woodrocket via Death and Taxes)

True story: Stephen King taught me the P-word. So it makes sense that Hotsy Totsy Burlesque – the troupe that tarted up The Big Lebowski – is paying homage to the Master of Modern Horror.

The set-up for the tribute, happening Feb. 12 at The Slipper Room, goes something like this:

Handsome Brad is thrilled to have won “The Stephen King Scariest Story Ever Written Contest.” The prize is a writer’s residency at the isolated (and haunted) Overlook Hotel during the off-season, where Brad will be finishing his book and chewing on aspirin. Knowing that all work and no play makes Brad a dull boy, he has decided to throw a burlesque blow out party and he has invited Cherry Pitz and the gals from the Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women to pop up during the off season for a show.

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Get Schooled in LES Art Tonight at the Former PS 160

(Nicole Parcher's Facebook)

Nicole Parcher’s work (left) shares a hallway with that of Thiago Szmrecsanyi (right). (Nicole Parcher’s Facebook)

It’s not experimental theater in an abandoned middle school or a time-traveling prom at Chicken Hut High School, but this schoolhouse-wide exhibit at the former PS 160 seems worth checking out.
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Theater in an Abandoned Middle School, Prom at Chicken Hut High School: Which One’s the Joke?


A Swimming Cities party. (Photo: Nick Normal/Flickr)

McSweeney’s just posted a satirical piece titled “Audience Instructions for Our Immersive/Experimental Theatre Production in an Abandoned Middle School in Bushwick.” It reads like something out of The Burning Bush, but it maybe should’ve taken its audience insturctions (“it is recommended that you self-administer an enema at least three hours prior to the start of the performance”) just a little further. Because it isn’t the most absurd event-description copy we’ve read today.
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Bowie, Bayside, and Taylor Negron: 4 Anniversary Shows Not to Miss

Some of our favorite institutions, parties, and performances are celebrating big milestones in the next days. Why not join in the festivities?
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‘Operotica’: It’s When Burlesque and Opera Come Together

If you tend to doze off at the opera, rest assured this one’ll rouse (and arouse?) you: Sarah Screams’ forthcoming show at Drom will combine opera and burlesque to create what can only be called “Operotica.” As if that’s not enough, the night of arias and areolas will also feature excerpts from a bonkers-sounding “porn opera.”
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Colin Quinn Will Workshop ‘Breuklyn’ in Brooklyn Tonight

ColinQuinn071r-1Colin Quinn is about to school your ass on Breuklyn. Note the old-timey spelling of the world-famous borough, which also happens to be the title of his new one-man show. Perhaps “Breuklyn” is meant to be a throwback to the old days. Says Quinn, “The show is about how Brooklyn was when I was growing up. Also it’s about ethnicity and how it became an off-limits topic except if you speak in the most generic and amiable bromides.” Tonight, the legendary comic will workshop his latest show appropriately in Brooklyn at oddball bar Over the Eight.
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St. Mark’s Poetry Project Announces Lineup For Its 41st New Year’s Marathon

(Photo: )

(Photo: Ted Roeder for St. Mark’s Poetry Project)

In case you couldn’t tell from all those “best of” lists, 2014 is just about dunzo, which means it’s time to clear New Year’s Day for the St. Mark’s Poetry Project’s annual marathon reading. Now entering its 41st year, the self-described “untamed gathering of the heart’s secret, wild nobility” has lured the likes of Eric Bogosian, William S. Burroughs, Spalding Gray, John Cage, Yoko Ono, Amiri Baraka, Jim Carroll, Kathy Acker, Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, and Suzanne Vega (who, by the way, did a song with Dev Hynes at Baby’s All Right earlier this week).
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Three More Holiday Shopping Hoo-Has (Two of ‘Em With Free Booze)

Forma de Ser.

Forma de Ser.

Been too busy drinking to get any holiday shopping done? You know you can combine those two things, right? And maybe you better, because you’re about a week away from making your loved ones feel very unloved. Here are the latest one-stop shopping experiences we’ve caught wind of.
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‘Starrs’ of Bushwick Collide For Some Literary-Musical Performance


Roarke Menzies. (Photo: Benjamin Lehn)

For those of us who use “right off of the Jefferson L” to describe where we live, Paul Rome and Roarke Menzies are familiar faces at the very least. Rome manages and Menzies works at the Wyckoff Starr — a coffee shop that’s two doors down from the train’s entrance — and both are a part of a wave of artists that was beginning to put down roots in Bushwick in the early aughts.
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Shop For Chicken-Foot Charms and Magical Remedies at This Witchy Holiday Market

Katelan Foisy (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Vendor Katelan Foisy (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Leave it to Catland, our favorite Bushwick-based esoteric and occult bookstore to host a local vendor’s holiday market with a witchy twist. Feast of Fools, a local organization that hosts events on magic and spirituality, teamed up with the bookstore for its second annual holiday market, Yeast of Yules, which runs today until 10 pm. So if you’re getting sick of all this Judeo-Christian hullabaloo but are still in the mood for festivities, we suggest you head straight to Catland ASAP.
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