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Hear Axxa/Abraxas Do His Thing Before He Plays With Beach Fossils This Week

Ben Asbury, a Georgia native living in Asheville, NC, released his debut LP via Greenpoint’s Captured Tracks in March under the name Axxa/Abraxas. The name, Asbury explains, is a two-part homage: “Axxa” is a term used by his father in a poem and “Abraxas” references a gnostic godhead.
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Watch Heaven’s Jail Play a Cut Off Their New Record, Produced by Phosphorescent

Heaven’s Jail recorded their new album not in a celestial prison, but in the woods of Connecticut. Then they brought it back to Greenpoint for some mixing and production work by Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent. Tonight at Baby’s All Right, they celebrate the release of Ace Called Zero — their third album with Heart Break Beat Records.
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Peep It If You Missed It: Mortals’ New Music Video ‘View From a Tower’

Last week we caught up with Elizabeth Cline, guitarist for the band Mortals, right before the band’s album release show at the Acheron. We’re certain Mortals ripped their audience a new one last Friday. If for some reason you missed it, at least you can check out the new horror-movie-inspired black-and-white music video Mortals premiered at the show, featuring scenes filmed on location at the Acheron. “View from a Tower,” is off Mortals’ new album, Cursed to See the Future, out now on Relapse Records.

Watch Animal Years Play ‘Heart on Heart’ in Bushwick Before They Do It Again at SXSW

When Baltimore-bred musician Mike McFadden came to Brooklyn in late 2012, he brought a new album with him. Having recorded virtually all of the music by himself before the move, all he needed was a band to turn it into a touring reality. Through a mutual friend, McFadden partnered with bassist Anthony Saladino and the two formed the nucleus of Animal Years.
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Watch Bear Hands Play One Off Their New Album and Then Tout the Merits of LSD

Bear Hands and their label, Cantora, remain synonymous with a certain time in the Brooklyn indie scene — before MGMT went down the rabbit hole, and when groups emerging from Wesleyan University dominated the scene. Das Racist was still intact, and the world hadn’t yet heard of LE1F.
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Watch The Beets Frontman Juan Wauters Play a New Track in a Van Under the BQE

The Beets are not dead, says frontman Juan Wauters; they’re just focusing on something new. For one thing, Wauters’s solo LP, North American Poetry (N.A.P), came out last week via Greenpoint label Captured Tracks. He wrote and performed all of the songs on the new record, with some minimal vocal and instrumental help from friends.
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