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Champagne Jerry’s Latest Rap Is an Anthem For Artists Who’ve Hit the Small-Time

Don’t think that just because Neal Medlyn, aka Champagne Jerry, is chilling in giant champagne jacuzzis and is besties with a Beastie that he’s on a Cardi B “million dollar wedding” level. In his new song, the video for which is out today, the novelty rapper (confesses? brags?) that he makes “30K a year as an artist,” or “$18K after expenses (mostly champagne).”

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Erik Foss Is Signing His New Book Tonight, and It’s Gonna Be Lit

A couple of months ago, we told you that Erik Foss, owner of legendary downtown dive Lit and its East Williamsburg torch-carrier Tilt, would get someone’s name tattooed on him if they contributed $10,000 to his Kickstarter. We’re now told that, in the end, the generous patron in question declined the tat, but the Kickstarter did get funded, and Foss will be signing copies of If These Were Songs These Would Be Sad Songs tonight.

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Sarsour: ‘No Conflicts’ Over Women’s March, Despite ‘Irresponsible Journalists’ and Times Story

Linda Sarsour, center. (Photo: Mary Reinholz)

This weekend, there will be hundreds of events in the U.S. marking the first anniversary of the massive women’s marches around the country and the world, among them a Manhattan rally starting a day ahead of time on Saturday Jan. 20 at 11:30am at Central Park West. It was organized by a group called Women’s Alliance March.

The theme this year is “Power to the Polls,” aimed at educating people to register and vote. That will make the events decidedly different from the demonstrations by more than 5 million people who marched a day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, many wearing pink pussy hats to protest his recorded boasts that he could grab women by the genitals with impunity because of his stardom.

“We need to talk to men about a much bigger picture– we need to bring men to the table,” said Linda Sarsour, the controversial Palestinian American activist from Bay Ridge, as she spoke at Barnes & Noble Union Square on Tuesday night during a launch for Together We Rise, a coffee-table book on the first march. That event began with spirited protest songs by the Resistance Revival Chorus, dressed all in white. Members posed with the book, which is handsomely photographed and contains oral histories from participants, among them Roxanne Gay, Ashley Judd, Gloria Steinem, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Choir (Photo: Mary Reinholz)

Sarsour, born in 1980, drew chuckles from a crowd of about 200 when she said, “I wasn’t inspired by Bernie Sanders, a 75-year-old white man,” alluding to her role as a Sanders surrogate during his unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign. Sarsour added, however, that she shared his political agenda, also noting of her group, “We’re interested in the issues that come from the communities that we care about.”

During a question and answer period from the audience, Sarsour grew visibly agitated when discussing a recent New York Times report of splits in the women’s march movement.

“There are no conflicts,” she insisted. “Irresponsible journalists are trying to take us back. That story is trying to pit women against each other, trying to show we can’t work together.” Her rapid-fire remarks were greeted with applause and she got more of it when she said: “We are intelligent, brilliant and mature women!”

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Hexcellent News: Occult Bookstore Catland Is Launching a Magazine

Catland on Instagram.

If print is dead, Catland is determined to commune with the spirits. The Bushwick occult bookstore is planning to launch a print magazine, come Spring equinox.

At the helm will be Melissa Madara, an owner of Catland and a witch deriving her practice from Croatian and Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. “I firmly believe in analog media,” she told Bedford + Bowery. “I get a lot of questions, as the owner of a bookshop, about how long I think I’ll have my job in the era of Amazon and Kindle. I always just tell those people that they have no romance. The allure of bookshops and physical media will never go out of style.” She credits Catland’s recent fundraiser for laying the groundwork for this project.

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Luke, I Am Your Roaster: Watch Luke Skywalker Get Roasted By Star Wars Characters

“People say Chewbacca’s breath is bad, but have you ever been in the Millennium Falcon cockpit with Luke Skywalker? Forget using the force, how about use the floss!”

Expect to hear such jokes (but hopefully better) at the Roast of Luke Skywalker, coming to the Creek and the Cave later this month.

The roast of everyone’s favorite Jedi Master is being put on by Character Assassination, an outfit born in Louisville, Kentucky that has previously roasted fictional figures such as Robocop, Freddy Kreuger, and Barbie– plus real-life legends ranging from Walt Disney to Hitler.

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Norman Glockwell? See What Happens When Guns Are Thrust into Iconic Artwork

You’ve seen what happens when Hollywood guns are replaced by thumbs ups or, even better, selfie sticks. Now see what happens when guns are swapped in to famous works of art.

An exhibit coming to Brooklyn will feature artwork where pistols, rifles, and other weapons and violent imagery are inserted into interpretations of works by Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer… even Dr. Seuss.

The show, opening Feb. 2, is being produced by Repair the World, a Jewish social justice non-profit, and features the artwork of Brooklyn artist Evan Schwartz and writer-artist Michael K. Dorr.

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