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Thousands Rode Citi Bikes During the Polar Vortex, and These Folks Have Something to Say About It

Citi Bike just sent out an e-mail sharing its top 10 “2013 highlights.” Among the accomplishments: Citi Bikes make up a third of all bike traffic in the program’s service area, each bike was ridden an average of six times per day over the summer, customer service gets an average of 1,300 calls a day, an average of 625 bikes are repaired each week, and Citi Bike riders took 6,000+ trips during the day of the Polar Vortex.
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Watch Cat Marnell and Richard Kern Talk Girls, Drugs, and Girls on Drugs

Last night two East Village iconoclasts rolled into the Newsroom, and it was major. We paired writer Cat Marnell with photographer Richard Kern for a conversation moderated by novelist Porochista Khakpour, whose third novel, it turns out, includes a character based on Marnell. Watch the hour-long blow-by-blow above, or check out the highlights below.
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Sunday: Join Us For an Evening With Cat Marnell and Richard Kern


Before the B+B Newsroom launched, we promised you cats — and on our pop-up’s final night tomorrow, Sunday, we’re giving you Cat. That’s right: Cat Marnell. And because one East Village firebrand deserves another, we’re pairing her with photographer Richard Kern for what’s sure to be a lively discussion about pushing boundaries and pushing buttons.
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Watch Todd P, Peter Shapiro and Other North Brooklyn Club Owners Talk Nightlife and DIY

While you party down this weekend, the club owners of North Brooklyn will be working hard to make that partying possible — and offering up a dizzyingly diverse array of cutting-edge music, to boot. (For starters, did anyone else catch John Carpenter’s soundtrack composer, Alan Howarth, doing the Halloween theme song at 285 Kent last night? Just beyond awesome.) Last week at the Newsroom, we spoke to some of our favorite nightlife impresarios: from left to right in the video above, you’ve got Peter Shapiro of Brooklyn Bowl, Jify Shah of Cameo, Jake Rosenthal of Glasslands, John Barclay of Bossa Nova Civic Club, and Todd Patrick of 285 Kent and Market Hotel.
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Vice Wants to Hire the ‘Vice Is Hip’ Tweeter, Is Doing a ‘Bad Moms Club’ Reality Show

Earlier this week at the B+B Newsroom, we welcomed Rocco Castoro, editor-in-chief of Vice Media, and Jason Mojica, editor-in-chief of Vice News, to talk about the Williamsburg-based brand’s evolution from the fringes of the mainstream media to the front lines. You had a lot to ask, they had a lot to say, and you can watch it all above. Below, read some choice snippets about the company’s plans to produce more reality TV, film, livestreaming, and investigative journalism. Oh, and expect to see more female correspondents on the HBO show. Budding journalists will also find valuable advice about coming up with stories, including Mojica’s method of “making shit up and then hoping that it really does exist and then searching for it.”
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Video: How to Grow a Label in Brooklyn

Tonight at the Newsroom, we’re talking to the creative forces behind some of our favorite North Brooklyn labels, including Mike Sniper, founder of Captured Tracks (just named Best Local Record Label by Timeout); Jeff Bratton, who owns and operates the boutique pop label Cascine; Adam Farrell, the creative director for Loma Vista and previously the marketing and creative director for Beggars Group; and Nick Catchdubs, the co-founder of the indie hip-hop label Fool’s Gold. Update: This event has passed, but you can watch the archived recording above.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Andrew WK But Were Too Busy Partying to Ask

Last night musician and party messiah Andrew WK stopped into the Newsroom for a free-form discussion about sports, depression and, of course, partying. He also told us a bit about his forthcoming book, The Party Bible, describing it as “a handbook, a guidebook, a game book — it’s an offering and it’s not a story and that’s why it’s really hard to write, because I have to try to make it really good.” (Just how hard is it to write? Check out the trailer). Above, watch the full q&a — and below, read some select thoughts about channeling Joey Ramone, mourning Lou Reed and being himself for Halloween.
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This Rockaway Restaurant Just Bounced Back With a Name That Spells Optimism


Despite the flip-flops, Chris Miles had clearly come to his restaurant to work. He wore a pair of frayed camouflage shorts and a white “Connelly’s Rockaway Beach 2013” t-shirt that was peppered with holes, slightly exposing his tan skin. As he sat in a dining room full of unwrapped furniture, contractors worked diligently, installing new lights and booths in the bar area. The room was electric with determination.

On Oct. 17, nearly a year to the day that Sandy wiped out his seafood restaurant on Beach 129th Street, Miles and his business partner Bill Keating reopened the business as Pico, a Mexican eatery. It’s been a long time coming. A year ago, Sandy took dead aim at the neighborhood of Belle Habor, and filled Rockaway Seafood Co. with three feet of ocean. The storm’s massive tidal swells caused an electrical short and sparked a fire around 130th Street. While the fire didn’t consume the entirety of Miles’s business, it did kiss the rear of the building, burning out a storage room and a 15 by 20 foot section of the roof.
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Wednesday: Talk to the Label Heads of Fool’s Gold, Captured Tracks + More


North Brooklyn is rife with indie record labels–as Mike Sniper, the founder of Captured Tracks, told us when we spoke to him about that label’s five-year anniversary, “It’s crazy. I don’t even think people realize how many there are.”

Last month, we attempted to provide a comprehensive listening guide to all the indies in Greenpoint. That’s the what of record label culture in Brooklyn — but what’s the how, and the why? Wednesday, at the Newsroom, we’ll attempt to answer those questions. We’ve organized a panel that includes Sniper; Jeff Bratton, who owns and operates the boutique pop label Cascine; Adam Farrell, the creative director for Loma Vista and previously the marketing and creative director for Beggars Group; and Nick Catchdubs, the co-founder of the indie hip-hop label Fool’s Gold.We’ll see you Wednesday at 7 p.m., at 155 Grand Street, off of Bedford Ave, in Williamsburg. As always, the event is free.

Tuesday: Andrew W.K. Will Teach You How to Party Party Party


As you gear up for Halloween, who better to give you that pre-party pep talk than Andrew WK, the man whose e-mail sig reads “PARTY HARD FOREVER.” Tuesday at the Newsroom, the rocker behind such anthems as “Party Hard,” “Party Party Party” and “I Love New York City” will actually sit down (and not at a piano; he’s saving that for 45 Bleecker next month) long enough to speak to us about his recently announced book, The Party Bible, which promises to be “an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom, and party bliss.”

Rest assured, we’ll also ask about his other recent doings: channeling Joey Ramone with Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg and touring with Black Sabbath. And this is your chance to ask him anything before his Reddit AMA next month. Pro tip: ask him how a motivational speaker, Grammy-nominated record producer, and owner of Santos Party House became the face of Playtex “Fresh + Sexy” Wipes.

We’ll see you Tuesday at 7 p.m., at 155 Grand Street, off of Bedford Ave, in Williamsburg. As always, the event is free — just let us know you’re coming.

Watch ‘Here’s the Kicker!’ with Dave Hill, Greg Barris and More

Tonight at the Newsroom, Natalie Shure is hosting Here’s the Kicker!, a night of comedy with Dave Hill, Greg Barris, Matteo Lane, Sara Armour, and Neal Stastny. The yucks start at 7:30 p.m.; you can read more about the comics here and watch them live above. Update: The event has passed but you can watch an archived recording above.