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Jackpot, Tiger On Their New Album: ‘It’s All Pop, It’s All Music, It’s All Awesome’

unnamed“Caught In Love” by Jackpot, Tiger is a humorous, if slightly cautionary, tale of lust gone wrong. Highlighted by a ’60s-style chorus, buoyant melodies, and a thoroughly desperate protagonist, the single fully represents what the band does so well: straight-up pop music.
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Jason Wishnow Did a Secret Sci-Fi Film With Ai Weiwei and Ended Up Near Bald

L to R: Weiwei and Wishnow.

L to R: Weiwei and Wishnow.

Jason Wishnow has told the story of Oedipus with vegetables and documented zombie yoga in Williamsburg. Now, fresh off a stint as TED’s director of film and video, the Lower East Side filmmaker is set to complete his most daunting production yet: a 10-minute short in which Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei will make his acting debut.
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Ilan Hall On Gorbals BK, Season 2 of Knife Fight, and Wrangling Action Bronson

The chef last night at his future restaurant, The Gorbals, inside Space Ninety 8 (Photo by: Jenna Marotta)

The chef last night at his future restaurant, The Gorbals, inside Space Ninety 8 (Photo by: Jenna Marotta)

Today we spoke by phone with Ilan Hall, who will soon open an East Coast outpost of his LA restaurant, The Gorbals inside the new Urban Outfitters concept store, Space Ninety 8. The winner of Top Chef‘s second season, who “was born in Manhattan, grew up on Long Island, then blossomed into a flower in the East Village,” is now based in South Williamsburg. On April 15, the second season of his cooking face-off, Knife Fight, premieres on Esquire Network.
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Stoops is the Skateboard Magazine New York Has Been Waiting For

Dave Willis doing ollie up, backside 180 kickflip. Manhattan, New York, 2009. (Photo: Allen Ying)

Dave Willis doing ollie up, backside 180 kickflip. Manhattan, 2009. (Photo: Allen Ying)

California may get the most shine when it comes to skateboarding, but that’s all about to change. A proposed new magazine plans to focus solely on the culture of skating in New York City. It’s name, Stoops, is a throwback to a time when Supreme was just getting started and New York skate coverage was sparse. The quarterly publication aims to give the unique culture of NYC skating the steady voice it has long deserved.
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Exclusive: Toons’ ‘Bazooka Joe’ Video Premiere

Photo courtesy of Toons' Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Toons’ Facebook page

In a world of much-too-serious video concepts and utterly ridiculous music trends, think of Toons as your classic Brooklyn party collective. At least, that’s what the band’s first video, “Bazooka Joe,” seems to suggest: a free, maybe even slightly volatile good time, where anything can, and probably does, happen. But aren’t those always the best stories?

On Toons’ self-titled debut, there’s no real agenda; just eleven quick, pop-inspired alternative tracks, perfect for blasting at the highest volume possible. Bedford + Bowery scored the “Bazooka Joe” premiere as well as an interview with Toons and video director Seamus McGuire, where topics like potential lawsuits were brought up and references to early-aughts action movies were made. If “Bazooka Joe” is your classic “happy nightmare” story, here are some thoughts from the morning after.
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Celebrate the Release of Outdoor Gallery at This Indoor Gallery Done Up By Street Artists

Mural by El Sol 25 outside of 17 Frost (Photo: Yoav-Litvin)

Mural by El Sol 25 outside of 17 Frost (All photos: Yoav Litvin)

Tomorrow night there’ll be a party in Williamsburg to celebrate the release of Outdoor Gallery, a book of photographs that author Yoav Litvin hopes will be viewed for decades to come as a historical document of the city’s street art. Most of the 46 street artists Litvin spotlights have contributed works to an exhibit he curated at 17 Frost.
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The Bowery Riots Have One Eye On the Past, One Eye On Tonight’s Show at Cameo


Justin Dean Thomas and TJ Rosenthal of The Bowery Riots

As one might infer from their name, which comes from marrying the 19th Century gang the Bowery Boys with the Astor Place Riot of 1849, The Bowery Riots are not your run-of-the-mill downtown New York indie band. Their garage-punk-meets-blues aesthetic (both sonically and visually) comes from a heartfelt respect for the New York bands of yore and the history of the neighborhood they still call home (that neighborhood is now called “Nolita”). And it certainly doesn’t hurt their street cred that Andy Rourke of The Smith produced their first EP.
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Nina Persson of The Cardigans Made a Solo Album (and a Wild 3-Year-Old) With Her Husband

(Photo: Tony Sjöman)

Persson at home in Harlem. (Photo: Tony Sjöman)

After 10 million albums sold and 20 years on stage with the Cardigans, Swedish-born Nina Persson is celebrating the release of her first ever solo album, Animal Heart, with a gig at Mercury Lounge this Wednesday. We visited Persson in her Harlem brownstone and spoke to her about collaborating with husband Nathan Larson, being compared to Stevie Nicks, and the art of going solo.
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Last Time You Heard This Musician, You Were Probably Getting Stuck With Needles

Live drone music isn’t just for yoga – at WorkSong Chinese Medicine, you can hear David First perform while needles are stuck in you. And you should, because the Greenpointer has been a part of almost every underground musical movement in New York in the last four decades — from playing with Cecil Taylor to seeing Thurston Moore rerelease his influential avant-punk band The Notekillers in 2004. Now, Greenpoint-based DAIS has released Electronic Works 1976-1977, featuring First’s mid-70s modular synth experiments.

We spoke to First about his years in New York City, exploring multiple genres of music, and what lead to DAIS bring his electronic music out of the vault.
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Fly Away to Malibu With This Debut Design Duo’s Erotica Collection


So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

It’s easy to be charmed by the Bushwick-based design duo behind the recently launched clothing line So Saturday. Their nicknames are Captain and Doc, they have a knack for finishing each other’s sentences and their one-of-a-kind button ups are printed with lobsters, avocados and corndogs. They surf, they skate, and they document their adventures on a Super 8 camera. They also embody an enviable blend of laid-back California cool (radical, dude) with a can-do New York attitude.
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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Astounding New Book: ‘It’s a Mini-Retrospective Exhibition of My Life’

(Photo: Sheila Rock)

With dog in Hackey in 1977. (Photo: Sheila Rock)

Throughout h/er entire career in art, music, film, and writing, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has constantly evolved — no matter how non-liner that path may seem to outsiders. That life and journey has now been crystalized in a photographic autobiography, featuring over 350 candid and often previous unseen images from the artist’s personal archives.
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