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This Japanese Brand Is Now Selling $111 Rage Against Machine Hoodies On the LES

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

If you’re walking down Orchard Street on the Lower East Side, you’ll see some laundromats, coat shops and a corset store — all of which look like they very much belong on the Lower East Side (kinda sketchy, a little dirty, but charismatic in the way Williamsburg pretends to be). If you continue your walk down Orchard, you’ll notice that one shop doesn’t quite seem to fit.

It might be because of the crystal-like sign or perhaps it’s the posh display of mannequins, but Snidel sticks out the way boyfriends do at a Shawn Mendes concerts — the presence is cute and all, but does it really belong?

The answer lies within the store’s major partnership, and it’s prominently displayed on a number of graphic tees. Because, mixed in between corduroy non-gendered collared shirts costing $130 and one-size-fits-all dresses (size F), there are Rage Against the Machine t-shirts, sweatshirts and iPhone cases. 

That’s right. The ’90s woke rap-metal group is selling merch at a fashionable Japanese store in its first U.S location. To clarify, the rock band did not pluck tour shirts and put them on a rack amongst quality fabrics. The partnership allows for RATM to slither its way onto objectively cool cuts and designs.

It’s basically like those $100 Wham! tees at Nordstrom. You wouldn’t go into a store looking for them, but somehow the atmosphere inside filled with potential is drawing you to the cash register, Wham! shirt (in this case, RATM shirt) in hand.

Born in Tokyo’s uber-hip Harajuku neighborhood in 2005, Snidel made a list of 10 Fashion Brands That Japanese People Love; Culture Trip wrote that the brand “focuses on making stylish but feminine silhouettes popular with women in their twenties and thirties.” Perhaps Rage Against the Machine found the trendy Japanese brand before the rest of America, or perhaps their management team got extremely lucky in pitching to Snidel before it opened in New York. Regardless, the store inside seems like it could find success in the midst of the LES.

Inside, you won’t hear Zach de la Rocha snarling the lyrics to “No Shelter”: “Empty ya pockets, son, they got you thinkin’ that / What ya need is what they selling / Make you think that buying is rebelling.” Instead Harry Styles and Taylor Swift played back-to-back, as if the Top-40 Gods were smiling upon the human making the playlist. As for the prices, they aren’t empty-ya-pockets expensive (by New York standards, anyway).

There’s a wide range of unisex tops, as well as skirts and checkered pants, typically ranging from $50 to $150. (The RATM hoodie is $111). And, for a store that opened in the U.S. two weeks ago, the clothes seem to go with fall fashion in the states — there’s an abundance of oversized sweaters, camel coats, knee-high boots and faux-fur jackets.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you to pop in, there’s one more partnership the brand has. The partnership perhaps makes even more Lower-East-Side sense than RATM.

It’s Hello Kitty.

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Nutella Nuts Flock to Cafe’s Opening to Check Out the Spread

(Photos: Summer Cartwright)

If you’ve ever wanted to physically walk into a jar of Nutella, you now can at its new cafe at 116 University Place.

Though what you’ll walk into isn’t physically a thick hazelnut-chocolate compote, what you’ll ingest surely will be. The menu is all about the cult classic spread — crepes are filled with it, espresso is combined into it and whipped cream is colored just like it.

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New Yorkers Are Dressing Down the Camel Coat, But Don’t Take It Too Far

(Photo via KyraKiss)

There are few clothing items all humans of different shapes and sizes can wear and look good in. Not among them are: skin-tight dresses (I’d like a personal apology from whomever created this idea, because my feelings have been hurt far too many times), neon anything, and gaucho pants. Among them are: jeans, Converse, black leather jackets and the ever-so-perfect camel coat.

The classic camel coat look is back in full force this flu season, but fashionistas are noticing something new happening.

Jennifer Yedid, a senior women’s stylist at Harrison Style said a classic look is being “completely reimagined,” with New Yorkers adding their own edgy spin to it, like dressing the affluent coat down with denim or dressing it even more down by getting it oversized and walking around the city with what’s basically a blanket around their body.

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Blackface Isn’t the Only Halloween No-No: Some Pro Tips From the Experts


Halloween is basically another high school prom: People dress up and look completely different than how they do during the day, in hopes of getting laid. Why else do you think so many scary movies have to do with prom? It can be stressful and annoying to find the perfect costume and grab tickets to a fun spot for the spooky night, but if you heed the following expert advice, the spookiness will remain in the spirit and not in your heart.

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Planet Earth Spoof Shows Invasive Hipsters Threatening NYC’s Biodiversity

New York City has an ecosystem all its own: The sub-species in North Brooklyn survive with vintage clothing that costs more than current clothing; people in the Bronx keep it chill in the park; financial district Manhattanites trample over their lower-income prey with no remorse; and Staten Islanders are basically nonexistent.

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