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Video: Busking for Benjamins With “Gypsy Jazz”

“One day we were playing a really sad song, and when I finished a girl came over and hugged me,” says Jordi Nus as he adjusts his violin. His cheeks turn a deeper shade of pink and he grins. It’s Thursday morning and Nus, a violinist, is performing in the Delancey Street Station with his friend, Pedro Curvello, a singer and guitar player.

While the two guys in their mid-20s look like your standard buskers as they stand in front of their amplifier and open guitar case, they’re actually graduate students in NYU’s film scoring program. They started busking a month ago to complement their composition work and have a set of 15 songs that they play – a mix of “gypsy jazz,” folk and alternative music.

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A Look Inside Faro, the New One From Northeast Kingdom’s Kevin Adey

(Photo: Samantha Gilette)

(Photo: Samantha Gillette)

On the eve of Faro’s official opening tonight in Bushwick, a freshly skinned goat waited in the kitchen, next to a tub of garlic bulbs. “Such a huge percentage of my success is dealing with the best products,” said chef Kevin Adey (formerly of Northeast Kingdom”>Northeast Kingdom) about the restaurant he’s launching with his wife Debbie Adey. “It makes my job so much easier. The meat we have is the highest quality meat you can get. People think I’m a wizard and all I do is put salt on it.”

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How Red Hook Winery Turned Flood Water Into Wine

DSC00057Twenty One: Twenty Four. The name stands out in neat, clean type on the wine bottle’s black label. It refers to the military time (9:24 p.m.) when Superstorm Sandy surged, wiping out Red Hook Winery.

The 2010 red wine comes from one of the few barrels that were not destroyed or compromised on Oct. 29, 2012, when Hurricane Sandy’s 17-foot surge crashed over Pier 41, where Red Hook Winery is located.
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