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What the Artists Wore to Greenpoint Gallery Night

At Greenpoint Gallery Night on Friday, the eye candy wasn’t just on the walls. We did some gallery hopping and asked some artists what they were wearing.


(Photos: Rick Perez)

Jason Rohlf, Dusk Editions
I’m wearing a Stormy Kromer hat purchased from In God We Trust, in the neighborhood, but local to Michigan. The sweater is a Norwegian fishing sweater that was my father’s. I’ve been wearing it for a long, long time. The scarf is Hickory’s, made by Hillside. I like to support the local shops.
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Morbid Anatomy’s Day of the Dead Revelers Showed Us Their Tats

For this ghoulish installment of Why That Tat, we crashed an early Day of the Dead party at the Morbid Anatomy Museum.
This is a pair conjoined skeleton siamese twins, each holding snakes. They are battling each other. It’s my Day of the Dead 2009 souvenir! I have always been interested in medical history and anatomy. When I was attending university in Paris, I use to take my lunch breaks in this old anatomy museum that had medical specimens like two headed babies and fetuses. The specimens had this bizarre connection to the history of health and, I don’t know, there’s something really special about them. Some people collect them, and I can’t afford them. And since I have been traveling a lot, I can’t take a lot with me, but tattoos I can take with me everywhere I go.
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