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A Photographer’s Fond Farewell to American Apparel

The staff of American Apparel’s NYC flagship store in NoHo on its final day, 4/26/17 at 7pm. (Photo: Nick McManus)

During the early aughts when I was a film student at Hunter College there was a small window of time when yoga pants hadn’t taken over the streets and Polaroid still walked all over digital photography. You could get Super-8 film developed same-day and a monthly Metrocard was only $63. After you swiped it and got on those emptier train cars of yore the only thing for a cool city kid to do besides keeping the CD player from skipping was read the latest issue of Vice. When it was only a magazine, Vice was the only one that mattered, right down to the back cover ads inspired by ’80s adult movies, courtesy of American Apparel. As the brand’s retail locations opened up all over the city, what was once just something on the back of the now defunct L magazine became part of my city’s physical landscape and helped define the “new” New York over the next decade.

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Cabbie Assaulted Near McCarren; Buy an American Apparel Mannequin

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

A seven-year-old Bushwick student was declared brain dead after choking on a sandwich at school. [News 12 Brooklyn]

On October 4, a cab driver stopped in his vehicle near McCarren Park was assaulted and robbed by four assailants. Police are searching for the suspects. [Gothamist]

Two Greenpoint Landing lots were purchased by a Toronto-based commercial landlord for tens of millions of dollars. [Real Deal]

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American Apparel Closes On Houston Street; Scorsese Shoots at Mission Chinese

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Delancey Street’s PS 110 is criticizing Givenchy for the inconvenience the brand caused when it used a nearby parking garage for their Fashion Week event last month. [Bowery Boogie]

In the past few months, Bushwick has sprouted a new community garden called Know Waste Land thanks to dedicated composters. [Brooklyn Paper]

American Apparel‘s Houston Street location has sold its last pair of leg warmers. [Bowery Boogie]

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$1,000 American Apparel Heist; Kent Ave Gets a Bike Greenway

Tall bike surprise

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A 23-year-old man stole $1,000 worth of “Easy Jeans” and “Disco Pants” from American Apparel in Williamsburg last week, according to police. No arrest has been made. [DNA Info]

Bushwick has a new grilled cheese joint called The Wheelhouse. [Bushwick Daily]

e-Cigarettes have officially been banned from anywhere smoking is already prohibited. [Gothamist] Keep Reading »

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Meet Peter Pan’s Regulars; A Smoothie Made From American Apparel Shirts

Watch the above video and meet the regulars at Peter Pan Donut in Greenpoint. [via Eater]

And then meet the woman who makes all of Veselka‘s 100-gallon batches of borscht. [New Yorker]

A Bushwick pet store remains open even though its its owner was arrested for his alleged involvement in a cockfighting ring. [NY Daily News]
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American Apparel's Merkined Mannequins; Gunman Arrested in Bushwick

American Apparel pubic hair mannequins

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

As you can see from this and other photos Scott Lynch added to our Flickr pool, the mannequins at the American Apparel on East Houston got a merkined makeover. A company employee tells the Observer “rawness and newness” to Valentine’s Day.

Curbed takes an in-depth look at Bloomberg’s rezoning of the industrial waterfront and its effect on manufacturing. []

Cops took down a gunman in Bushwick yesterday with the help of a brave bystander. [NY Daily News]

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Night Mayor Candidates; Two New Dufresne Dining Options

Recent assault arrests near Union Square include two 24-year-old women: one punched another woman in the face, the second attempted to knock someone out with a bike lock. [Town & Village]

A veteran of Webster Hall’s management team and a Trump-endorsing rapper are among those vying for the city’s hours-old position of Night Mayor. [DNA Info]

An East Village lawyer and bottomless brunch opponent petitioned the State Liquor Authority to be stingier with its liquor licenses. [The Real Deal] Keep Reading »

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Hate Speech in Bushwick; Dr Smood Makes a Home on Houston

On a Bushwick Street last week, police say one man called another a “Muslim” who should “go back to your country” after the latter refused to make change for a $20 bill. [DNA Info]

Yesterday, health food chain Dr Smood unveiled its fifth Gotham location inside the former Houston Street American Apparel space. [EV Grieve]

Chef Missy Robbins of Williamsburg’s Lilia will helm another neighborhood kitchen where the Domino Sugar Refinery once stood. [NY Post] Keep Reading »

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Embezzlement Accusations for EV “Honest Southern Food” Chefs; Dog Yoga in W-Burg

Per a guilty plea, 28-year-old Rafael Fuller of Bushwick will spend three months in jail for public masturbation. [DNA Info]

Alphabet City chef/owners Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth have been sued by their restaurant’s landlord for allegedly skimming $286K of Root & Bone money for personal expenses like apartment renovations. [NY Daily News]

The City Council passed 18 bills yesterday that will grant tenants legal protection from harassment and slumlords. [Bowery Boogie] Keep Reading »

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Cinema of Transgression Lives: New Work From Richard Kern, Nick Zedd

Two icons of the Cinema of Transgression have new work out. The sultans of sleaze in question are Richard Kern and Nick Zedd, outre photographers and filmmakers whose work is connected to Sonic Youth and the ’80s downtown underground.

Last month we sent word that electro act Collapsing Scenery was premiering a new music video, directed by Richard Kern, at Cafe Henrie. Now the band has released the clip online, and you can watch it above. I can’t really describe it because after about 30 seconds of watching it on the train into work, I started to feel like a subway perv and had to turn it off. Not that I was surprised: again, the video was directed by Richard Kern, who is basically carrying the torch for softcore hipster porn now that American Apparel is out of commission. (Not to mention, Carlos Danger’s days seem to be numbered.)

If you make the mistake of watching the video for “Straight World Problems” at work and you’re forced to explain yourself to HR, you can use this verbiage from Reggie Debris of Collapsing Scenery. Apparently the track is about “the awful frequency with which new regimes and new systems mimic the worst qualities of those they replace.” Ah, so that’s why half-naked ladies are making out.

Meanwhile, Nick Zedd, who coined the term Cinema of Transgression to describe the gritty, experimental work of Kern, Annie Sprinkle, and others, just finished two new shorts. According to an announcement from Brooklyn Fire Proof, which produced them, they were filmed at the company’s Bushwick soundstage.

Here’s a description, from their Tumblr:

“The Death of Muffinhead” was inspired by the elaborate costumes designed and fabricated by New York-based artist Muffinhead. The film stars Muffinhead and artist Anaïs Djin performing all of the roles. The film also includes cinematography by Kyle Parsons and the song “Lost Illusions” by Exploded View. “Attack of the Particle Disruptors” animates three of Mr. Zedd’s original paintings. It features dialogue written and voiced by the band Sisyphus Autopsy, and by Jonathan Mittiga with voice acting by Nick Zedd. Michael Slatky provided the music.

Zedd is calling The Death of Muffinhead his “best film ever,” but it’s uncertain where or when it’ll screen next.