Zenchai Matcha Cafe, aka that place where I once saw Eric Andre working on his laptop, has closed after a little over a year on the Lower East Side. Last week, a sign on the window explained that “due to market conditions, we will be closed until further notice.”

The cafe’s owner told Bedford + Bowery that the closure is most likely permanent. “The retail market is tough and the LES is one of the least conducive to daytime businesses,” he wrote. “We simply couldn’t ride out the lean months/years until the neighborhood/foot traffic justifies the rent.”

Despite serving on-trend avocado toast and acai bowls, Zenchai was a relic of a time when matcha cafes didn’t top their tea with cheese. No wonder it couldn’t compete. But seriously: This is where I once ordered an ube latte and saw absurdist comedian and onetime Rosario Dawson beau Eric Andre working on his laptop at a window seat. I kept waiting for him to jump through the plate-glass window and light himself on fire, or to pour ranch dressing on someone, but it never happened.

Thanks for the memories, Zenchai.