A scene from last year's Subway Show (Photo: Courtesy of Apostrophe NYC)

A scene from last year’s Subway Show (Photo: Courtesy of Apostrophe NYC)

Apostrophe NYC is at it again. Three years after brothers Ki and Sei Smith’s Bushwick gallery and event space was shut down, the two have been busy. If the people can’t come to the art, then the art shall come to the people! After some of their most recent covert hijinks at the Whitney (where they’re now banned for life) and at MoMA PS1 in May, the intrepid art duo is planning a pop-up subway show at the Kosciuszko Street stop on the J line.

Ki Smith explained that the event, which starts tonight at 6pm, is part of their ongoing Base 12 project (as was the PS1 and Whitney stunt). “Base 12 is a two-year global art project featuring 12 emerging artists in 12 radically different environments. The goal is to expose these 12 artists while simultaneously exploring the notions of site, art context, and reception,” he wrote in an email.

The artists set out to covertly set up unsanctioned pop-up exhibits in three venerated New York halls of art, three subway stations, and three public parks before moving overseas for shows in Istanbul, Barcelona and London. Smith explained that at tonight’s pop-up event, “supporters and commuters will be able to meet the artists, explore the art, converse and socialize as they would at any art opening.”

For the Base 12 project, the subway is a perfect setting for their type of guerrilla art, since it will bring commuters who would otherwise be isolated from their fellow travelers together as they “find a common curiosity in the art hanging on the station’s walls.” Although the brothers have hosted a Subway Show before, this one is specifically tied to the Base 12 project.

Ki said that they hoped the show would be up until about 8pm, but that the guerrilla nature of the show made it hard to guarantee a specific end time.