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Get in the ring, motherf*cker.

Or at least get over to the John Varvatos store if you’re a Guns N’ Roses die-hard. The newly reunited band is making a return to CBGB– sort of. A GNR pop-up is opening today at what used to be the storied venue. The shop opens at noon (and that’s 12 p.m. SHARP, since there’s no need to yellow-jacket Axl), when the first 50 fans through the door get free concert tees. Will GNR make a surprise appearance ahead of their two shows at the Meadowlands this weekend, like they did at the Varvatos store in 2010? A publicist tells us, “No in-store performance. But I heard Duff is stopping by.”

The Duffman? Hey, it’s not as epic as that time we saw Slash do “Mr. Brownstone” at Santos, but make sure to ask our favorite Bowie lookalike about that time his pancreas exploded.

As for the product on offer, most of it will be tour merch, but we’re told there will also be a couple of tees designed by Varvatos and six hand-painted leather jackets, for the big-spender types.

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From noon to 2pm, DJ Kieran Taylor will be spinning and you can enter a drawing to win two concert tickies– just think “it’s so easy” and “you could be mine” thoughts. And if you don’t win, don’t you cry tonight.

Here’s GNR (unplugged!) at CBGB in 1987:

GNFNR Pop-Up at 315 Bowery, Friday from noon to 8pm, Saturday from 11am to 8pm, Sunday from noon to 6pm.