Will Taylor Swift get the last laugh? After she became New York’s global ambassador in 2014, Lower East Side boutique La Petite Mort threw up a Chico mural saying RIP to the pop icon. But the vintage shop might be the one resting in peace if its landlord succeeds in evicting it from its home of two and a half years.

Kara Mullins, who launched LPM with her partner Osvaldo Jimenez, says they’re a month behind on their rent, and their landlord is demanding that sum as well as previous late fees. “Technically, they can do it in our lease,” Mullins said of the eviction. “The thing is that we never discussed it prior to this.” Mullins believes the 350-square-foot space at 37 Orchard Street could fetch double or triple the rent from a new tenant. The space’s landlord, Andy Mak, declined to comment due to the pending litigation.

With a court date scheduled for tomorrow morning, LPM has launched a GoFundMe campaign, “Save La Petite Mort!” The goal is to raise a minimum of $7,200 so the store’s owners can come to the table with enough money to temporarily dissuade their landlord from pursuing the eviction. A $2,500 contribution gets you a self-portrait of Jimenez and his crew.

La Petite Mort (Photo courtesy of LPM)

Photo courtesy of La Petite Mort

“As long as we can buy more time, they won’t be able to shut us down,” Mullins told us. As of now, LPM has received $4,379 from 98 different people. “Most of them are people we know,” said Mullins. “It’s a mix of friends and store customers who became friends over time.”

One thing’s for sure, Taylor Swift probably won’t be helping out.