(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Between now and April 29, you can apply for one of 30 affordable housing units in a trio of Williamsburg buildings. Rents begin at just $532/month for a one-bedroom. [DNA Info]

If plans become reality, Bushwick’s former Rheingold Brewery will be the site of the city’s largest rooftop farm. [Brownstoner]

Last night the Southern cocktail bar Belle Shoals debuted in Williamsburg, replacing Good & Co on Hope Street. [Gothamist]

The owners of Williamsburg’s Pine Box Rock Shop have opened a new bar in Bushwick called Precious Metal. [Bushwick Daily]

A new hidden restaurant accessible through the Garret East bar on Avenue A will open tomorrow evening. [Gothamist]

In addition to rainbow bagels, New Yorkers can now indulge in rainbow doughnuts—they’re the latest addition to the menu at Moe’s Doughs in Greenpoint. [Eater NY]

Greenpoint cartoonist Julia Wertz looks to the East Village to spill the “Secrets of the Astor Place Subway Station.” [The New Yorker]

Yesterday Dame Helen Mirren was photographed filming scenes from her forthcoming film Collateral Beauty on Second Avenue in the East Village. [EV Grieve]