(photo via Shark Party Media)

(photo via Shark Party Media)

Mara Wilson’s What Are You Afraid Of?
Over the Eight, 594 Union Ave, Williamsburg. 8pm. $10. More info here

Writer, comedian and former child actress Mara Wilson is back with the latest iteration of her show What Are You Afraid Of?, which rounds up choice comedians and storytellers to share their greatest and most interesting fears. This time around: Jasmine Pierce (Reductress), Anita Flores (Awkward Sex… And The City), and Anna Rose Roisman (UCB). And don’t fret, the extra fearful can always arm themselves with a booze blanket.

(photo via Animal Engine / Facebook)

(photo via Animal Engine / Facebook)

The Fainting Room / Darlings< Triskelion Arts, 106 Calyer Street, Greenpoint. 8pm. Tickets are $20; more info here
This evening features 30-minute excerpts from new work-in-progress pieces by Becca Bernard and Animal Engine. The former’s piece, The Fainting Room, is a music-filled comedic exploration of the female hysteria phenomenon, and Animal Engine’s piece Darlings is a reimagining of the Peter Pan story, but one that centers around parents dealing with the loss of their missing children. Feedback is welcome for both pieces at the event.


(photo via Dusty Lynn Childers / Facebook)

(photo via Dusty Lynn Childers / Facebook)

Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, Lower East Side. 7:30pm, free. More info here.

Legendary burlesque star World Famous *BOB* and Dust Tea Shoulders host this “queer storytime” event that is sure to tickle, tantalize, and anything in between. Tonight, Glenn Marla and Lola RockNRolla join the roster of campy storytellers, and one audience member selected at random will also get the chance to share a story. Maybe it could be you.


(photo via Lake Homo High  / Facebook)

(photo via Lake Homo High / Facebook)

Lake Homo High: A Gay Teen Drama
Continues every Friday until April 15 at The Annoyance Theater, 367 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg. 8pm.Tickets are $10; more info here
Step into Williamsburg’s Annoyance Theater and enter Lake Homo High, a drama-filled high school where secrets abound. These secrets all appear to be that everyone at this high school is gay. But shh, don’t tell anyone. This teen drama comedy, created by Sam Taggart and Bowen Yang, happens in episodic form weekly and provides an alternative for when you want to see anything but a straight white dude doing stand-up, but you still want to see dudes.


(photo via Pasic and Platt Present A NIGHT OF DREAD  / Facebook)

(photo via Pasic and Platt Present A NIGHT OF DREAD / Facebook)

A Night of Dread
MX Gallery, 177 Canal Street, Lower East Side. 8:30pm. More info here
If you weren’t able to catch this week’s earlier fear-themed show, or just want to get the frightened chills and have trouble sleeping because that’s what you’re into, you’re in luck. Pasic and Platt (a duo consisting of comedians Mo Fry Pasic and Tim Platt) are throwing an evening of comedy focused on “the creeping closeness of the foreboding horror.” Everyone’s favorite. Featuring Lorelei Ramirez, Tessa Skara, Le Na, Joe Castle Baker, Max Wittert, Ruby McCollister, and (gasp) even more.