(Hillary Clinton's Instagram)

(Hillary Clinton’s Instagram)

Remember those tweets, back in December, indicating that Hillary Clinton would make a cameo on Broad City this season? Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, at a SXSW talk, revealed the episode would air this Wednesday. But don’t take it as an endorsement, necessarily.

During an interview with them on Friday, Anne Fulenwider of Marie Claire asked the duo how they went about putting in the call.

“You know that meme of Hillary texting?” Ilana joked. “She’s texting us.” (Actually, they got some help from Amy Poehler, who played Hillary on SNL.)

No, but really—how did this all come about? “We had come up with this idea that Ilana’s character would find the Hillary campaign in some way– would be a part of it,” Abbi said.

That wouldn’t necessarily require Hillary’s presence, but at some point they decided, “Let’s just ask her,” Abbi recalled.

“The intel about whether or not she was going to be able to do it was very slow,” Abbi said, “and we just moved forward with the episode and then got word that she wanted to do it.”

“It was really hard to believe that it was going to happen,” Ilana said. “I honestly would’ve understood if they, whatever, like couldn’t do. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, you’re running shit.’”

And also losing Michigan, Fulenwider pointed out. That crack elicited some groans, but not as many as one audience member got when she asked Abbi and Ilana why they chose to have Hillary on when they seem more like Berners. She expressed concern that the episode would influence people and asked whether it was trying to make a statement.

“I think that we were not trying to make a statement, to be honest,” Abbi said. “We wrote season 3 a year ago at this point and we were not like, ‘Let’s…’ That’s not our show, really, we’re not making a political stance here. It was really more that this is something Ilana’s character would do. And Hillary, regardless of where we stand — and we love Hillary — Hillary is such an iconic figure right now and she has been.”

Ilana agreed Hillary was an “icon” and said her cameo was part of “trying to make really good tv.” (To that end, Cynthia Nixon, Alan Alda, and Rachel Dratch also appear in the episode.)

As for her next attempt to make good tv, Ilana revealed some details about “Time-Traveling Bong,” a three-part miniseries coming to Comedy Central. “It’s about these two mediocre, very average white people, these two cousins, who travel through time, and only through time travel do they become above average. They learn a lot and they see how anybody who’s not a white dude can’t time travel.”

The show premieres 4/20, natch.