It’s official now, right? We’ve entered the season of sweat. We’re all gonna smell like crap from here until depression, and shows are the perfect bacteria-breeding, lust-filled eco-chambers for housing all those fun city smells under one decrepit roof. Unless you’re so lucky as to find yourself a backyard show, or better yet a backyard show series like the one happening at Union Pool, get ready for seriously noxious fumes. But just imagine, with Summer Thunder you’ll be able to get rowdy in the heat of a summer show and be able to breathe. They don’t say Union Pool is the straight man’s cruising heaven for nothing. We’ll keep an eye out for more open-air music happenings, but until then, when heading to your neighborhood DIY dungeon, don’t forget to break out the kerchiefs, patchouli, or even a plague mask if you can swing it, you’re gonna need em.

Destruction Unit, Cheena (Union Pool)/ Destruction Unit, Vanity, Shredded Nerve, Live Drum Punishment (Palisades)

Yay, it’s summer time, which means Destruction Unit (Jay Reatard’s old band, RIP) is back in town. Remember last year when they (and Ascetic House, the Arizona-based record label that’s been putting out their stuff up until recently) took over town for 4th of July? Well we certainly do. And it was freaking awesome. Well, now that Sacred Bones is putting out a new record, Negative Feedback Resistor, from the noisy psych punk band (we heard the news only a few weeks back) it only makes sense Destruction Unit would embark on a big ol tour.

Thankfully they’re hitting Brooklyn for not one, but two shows. One of which (the Union Pool one) is an afternoon banger that’s totally and completely free. Check out their new single below from the forthcoming album.

Cheena, another Sacred Bones band we recommended you go check out alongside Institute, will open for the free show and after having seen them in the flesh we can confidently say they’ve got something interesting going on. While the front guy  of this Brooklyn outfit has an intense, borderline hair-metal screech, the rest of the band seems to be shooting for a bluesy Gun Club sound. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our interview with Gun Club co-founder Kid Congo Powers). We can’t say that particular show was perfect, but we can say that we’re intrigued about where this band is headed. Saturday, June 27, 2 pm at Union Pool: FREE

(Photo via Adhoc)

(Photo via Adhoc)

If you’re cool with throwing down a few more bucks than free, you’ll get to a whole lotta bands plus Destruction Unit. Though heh we can’t promise this show will end by 11 pm, so you’ll simply have to risk it. If you do choose to live on the edge, you’ll be rewarded with filthy power electronics from Shredded Nerve and absolutely brutal outfit from Cincin-nasty.

It’s a safe bet that Live Drum Punishment (mems include Ning Nong aka Raspberry Bulbs and Ryan Naideau of projects as disparate as Nude Beach and Warthog) practices dark arts similar to that of Shredded Nerve– um, the name says it all really. Friday, June 26, 8 pm at Palisades: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

Warthog, Tenement, Big Zit, Ivy, Nancy

Uh, speaking of Warthog, this one’s a no brainer, because high quality NYC hardcore is enough to get us in the door. But add in a gaggle of Midwest weirdo punks and we’ll not only be inside of a door, but flopping around on our bellies like ecstatic dolphins. It’s hard to believe that Big Zit (a band from northwest Indiana, which in an interview they compared to Middle Earth) has only put out one measly 7 inch and a demo tape in their few years of existence, but there’s enough raw energy to make your head explode in their unbelievably speedy hardcore made all the more adolescent with high-pitched vocals and a bratty nihilism that bleeds through every second of their Bad Brains-inspired tracks.

Associated acts include Ooze and Coneheads, which if you know anything, anything about Midwest punk right now only compounds the radness of this band. (For genius, please see Coneheads’ eponymous 2015 release, “L.P. 1 Aka 14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo For the Sake of Extorting $$$ From Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L.P.”)

Tenement, a solid outfit hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, are an interesting counterpoint to Big Zit. While the latter is composed of ferociously angsty tiny tots, the former’s been around since 2006, which in the world of Midwest scumbags is freaking ancient. Tenement belt out rippers that stand ground on the poppier side of the moon, but are rippers nonetheless.

We’ve sold you on Ivy before, but their fellow Brooklyn act Nancy is less familiar to us. Much like the Tenement-Big Zit dichotomy, Nancy is the sprinkle-covered ice cream to Ivy’s sour hard candy. The word “punk” gets throw around a lot these days (we aren’t free from this disease), but Nancy is probably the only band on this bill that, at first listen, failed to convince me of their “punk” merits. But then I listened with two ears and realized, wait a minute, Nancy is pretty much the Ramones. Thursday, June 25, 8 pm at the Acheron: $10 in advance


Minimal Brutus, Das Audit, Mystic Ruler, Savini Psoas 

A night of improvisation and jazz fusion certainly isn’t a typical way to spend a Monday night, unless of course you’re a frequent flyer at Trans Pecos’ Practice, in which case, carry on. But if you find yourself at the Silent Barn next Monday, you’ll be in for a treat. Das Audit is a New York-based classical, jazzy ensemble of sorts that’s keen on creating on-the-spot compositions ranging from Renaissance fair soundtracks to space-case jazz jams.

Leading the bill as Minimal Brutus is Robert Boston and Dr. Kevin Patton, two regular guys who enjoy data dabbling and playing around with computers to create new instruments. The result is some pretty out-there experimental stuff, eh? We couldn’t dig up any recordings living on the internet just yet from this crew, but we’re guessing that, as with the rest of the lineup (Mystic Ruler is droned-out analog synth scores, and Savini Psoas consists of battles of sax versus synth) it’s all about the live action play. Tuesday June 30th, 8 pm at Silent Barn: $8

Fungi Girls, Pill, Los Cripis, Arm Candy

Desert-infused garage psych out of Fort Worth, Texas (aka Dallas’ ugly little sister– I can say that without flinching, technically it’s my hometown) which tbh I didn’t know had cool bands, is coming our way in the form of Fungi Girls. They are joined by Brooklyn-mainstays Pill, sax-wielding nasties I’ve come to know and love.

Los Cripis are a lovely trio straight out of Buenos Aires (or the Paris, Texas of Argentina) playing tongue-in-cheek (c’mon their first album is titled, Our First Album) minimal garage punk that’s all twangy overdrive and mumbly vocals. So get to this show to check out our friendly neighbors from the south and stay for our homies’ wailing sax odes to nada. Friday, June 26, 8:30 pm at Alphaville: $8