So, we dunno about you, but we certainly slept on the Death Grips shows, both of which sold out faster than you can say, “What the hell? I thought they broke up?” One’s happening at Webster Hall on July 7 and another at Brooklyn Masonic Temple on the 8th, just in case you think you have a chance of weaseling your way in. But the rest of us are just going to have to settle for a bunch of other great shows coming up, though keep in mind most of them are sandwiching the weekend. Coz it’s our Great Nation’s Birthday Celebration on Saturday, in case your sense of time is already shot from all the Jell-O shots, Cat Hair Pills, and dips in the East River after chilling at our borough’s sickest yacht club, all of which are required in heavy doses to live your best summer ever (these are actually things we’re doing, don’t sneer). Hence missing the party boat straight to Death Grips. Le sigh. You live and you learn.


Nothing Changes: Profligate, Boy Harsher

Beat the heat with NYC’s coldest night of harsh noise and brutal industrial sounds. Never underestimate the ability of NYC mainstays Profligate to tear up a scene and get everyone gyrating like so many zombie bots.

Yeah, yeah, yeah we know Nothing Changes is on a Wednesday which means it’s perfectly designed to keep out the suits and squares (which it does a really good job of by virtue of its lineup alone, which is the utmost compliment we can pay to a music series).

But even if you are a workaday weekend warrior for the rest of the year, this might be your week to shine. I mean really, do you think that’s actually your boss standing at his treadmill desk? Haven’t you noticed his pace is faster than normal? His neon Nikes somehow loose fitting this week? I mean, don’t freak out or anything, but it’s more than likely he’s relieved his nanny of her child rearing obligations only to be relegated to treadmill desk duty. He didn’t just grow five inches taller overnight. No m’am, he straight up left town for the Hamptons last week. But hey, at least the nanny’s getting time-and-a-half. And you should be too. Make that happen by waltzing into work on Thursday late as hell with not a care in the world.

Boy Harsher is even more reason to fight the power. We don’t give two craps about how derivative this ’80s cold synth sound is (Charles de Goal, anyone?). Hell, as long as we can dance to it (which, yes, we’re already doing right now) it’s cool in our book. Wednesday, July 1, 10 pm at Home Sweet Home: $7

11536498_10152985010338660_3748798375901538139_oFiasco, Palm, Sweet Baby Jesus, Little Leaguer 

Fiasco is back together apparently, after a brief hiatus since wrapping up their extended time together back in 2012. They’re a curious mix, one part crunchy indie and one part math rock, a sound they’ve dubbed “triangle rock.” But who knows how their sound may have evolved since their brief break? We’ve certainly been given minimal clues and there don’t appear to be any new recordings out quite yet. But what we do have is a vague promise of “new material” included in the invitation, which makes us all the more intrigued.

But even if they end up being all, “Wow this was a huge mistake, gross” and breaking into some Anton Newcombe-style fight on stage (fingers crossed!) the rest of the lineup is something to lean on. Our personal favorite pick of the bunch is Sweet Baby Jesus, a dream group that regularly brings its divine noise rock to sinners everywhere, delivered straight from the heavens. This band is most certainly walking down a road that ’90s college radio rock hath paved and one that Parquet Courts walketh all over, but their sound cannot be dismissed simply as thus. The vocalist also has a curious Ian MacKaye-like warble, that is as if Mr. MacKaye were rendered soft by a 40 or perhaps two. So crack open an ice cold Genesee and see what the Lord’s got cookin’. Tuesday, June 30, 8 pm at Palisades: $7 

The Gradients, BAMBARA, Heaven’s Gate, The Cradle

Are you going to be held over in the city on Friday night because of work? Or perhaps you are to blame for your fear of commitment to any solid July 4th plans due to a chronic case of FOMO? Um, us too. Don’t worry because now you can delay having to make up your mind about where to spend this holiday Never Forgetting even further by attending this Friday night show, a last ditch effort to get it right before you’re locked in for National Burn Yourself With a Sparkler Day.

The Gradients are melodic “guitar people” who definitely can’t sing but boy oh boy do they try. But tbh, we probably wouldn’t be that into their stuff if they could sing, for some reason. These Brooklyn-based fellas are just about to kick off their summer tour, so get at em while you can.

The Cradle is Paco from Big Neck Police’s solo project, which proves to be definitely weirder than the BNP we know and love, but in an acoustic, spaced-out manner. Heaven’s Gate, a noise psych band that always proves to be an entertaining presence– you will be moving to this one, no matter how rheumatic you’re feeling at this moment– is fresh back from a trip to Detroit with PC Worship. Dunno what that means exactly, interpret it as you may, but we’re guessing they picked up on some of that “unusual energy” emanating from the city. Friday, July 3, 8 pm at Silent Barn: $7


Bottoms, A Bunch of Dead People, Love Spread, Public Speaking

What’s a nasty week leading up to a holiday without a depraved set from our favorite drag punks? Well, it’s a week without Bottoms, that’s for sure. Be prepared to get seriously throttled at this one. As we know full well from their live shows, these guys are dead serious about blowing minds and shattering expectations.

Jason Anthony Harris’s electronic solo project Public Speaking is at once ethereal and strangely raw. The latter quality can be attributed mostly to the guy’s vocals. It feels as if he’s speaking intimately with you, one-on-one. Somehow, you end up feeling like you know this dude. Great for headphones and lonely train rides home late at night.

Love Spread is on the opposite end of some twisted spectrum. The band’s glitchy chip tunes are composed by two Japanese pals living in Brooklyn, Ryota and Narumi. It’s a mix of battle-hardened video game harshness and a the sound that we’re betting results from some psychotic sugar-sweet hard-candy overdose. Imagine getting stuck inside an arcade full of meth-smoking Disney characters and you’re getting close to Love Spread’s sound. Wednesday, July 1, 8 pm at Baby’s All Right: $12 in advance